A costumed dancer at the St Paul's Carnival in Bristol

Bristol facts

  • The Sunday Times chose Bristol as the best city to live in Britain. The paper praised Bristol for it's buzzy culture, nightlife and access to fantastic countryside.
  • A popular blogger lists 12 reasons why living in Bristol is awesome. A rounded review of the infectious culture, nightlife, independent restaurants, and colourful atmosphere.
  • The Campaign for Better Transport’s Car Dependency Scorecard ranked Bristol as the second best city for walking and cycling as an alternative to using cars. Which should only improve, as the city has been given a £9 million city cycling investment.
  • Zase and Dekor are taking over the Banksy hype in Bristol. They’ve recently created a mural in St. Pauls, which has an interesting story behind it, although you will have to work out what it means for yourself.
  • Over 25% of the world's natural history films are made in Bristol, with the majority of these at the BBC's Natural History Unit.
  • Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Creature Comforts were all made in Bristol, home of the Oscar awar-winning Aardman. Creature Comforts was inspired by Nick Park's visits to Bristol Zoo Gardens and features the voices of local Bristolians.
  • Bristol is a filming hot spot, with successful television dramas such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, The House of Eliott and Skins all being filmed here. You can track filming locations in Bristol if you’re a fan.
  • Building on the heritage of trip-hop and drum and bass, pioneered by Massive Attack and Roni Size, Bristol continues to be a centre of musical innovation. We also have our own music festivals including Brisfest and Love Saves the Day.
  • Bristol has won many awards and accolades, including the European Green Capital of 2015, the Infrastructure Excellence Award, and numerous Observer Food Monthly Awards 2015 for its eateries.
  • Penny Brohn, the Bristol-based cancer charity, is doing a Bungee the Boss fundraising event in April 2016. A nominated boss will have to match the £1,000 fundraising target to nominate another employee for a bungee. All donations will go towards improving the emotional, physical and spiritual health of people living with cancer.
  • Shaun in the City, a public art event featuring Shaun the Sheep, that little guy who finds himself in trouble all too often, took place in 2015. Over the summer, 120 sculptures could be found across many locations in Bristol with the help of the Sheep Spotter App. Over £1 million was raised from selling the sculptures at auction for Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal and The Grand Appeal to support sick children in hospitals.

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