Graduands talking to a UWE Bristol member of staff in robes

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of frequently asked questions which refer to our Awards Ceremonies.

Access requirements

Can you arrange accessible seating for graduates?

Yes, graduands will be seated on stage during the ceremony. The stage is reached by using three steps onto the stage and three steps to leave the stage. Handrails are provided for all steps. Please specify your access requirements when registering your intention to attend your ceremony.

Can you arrange accessible seating for guests?

Yes, guests are seated in the main nave of the Cathedral. Please specify your access requirements when purchasing your guest tickets.

Is there any disabled parking at the Cathedral?

Please see our Ceremony accessibility page for more information.


If the University cancels the ceremony, can I claim back the cost incurred?

Please see the Cancellation policy.

Car parks

Can I park at Bristol Cathedral?

Unfortunately, there is no parking in the Cathedral grounds. Some on-street parking is available in the Cathedral area but is usually restricted to a maximum of two hours. There are a number of car parks near to Bristol Cathedral, which are well signposted from the City Centre. The nearby parking options we recommend are:

  • College Street, BS1 5UY – behind Council House, north West of Bristol Cathedral. Approximately 100 spaces/Pay and Display. A two-minute walk.
  • Brandon Street, BS1 5UU – behind Council House, West North West of Bristol Cathedral. Approximately 50 spaces /Pay and Display. A two-minute walk.
  • College Square, BS1 5TS – West of the Cathedral, by the Abbey Gatehouse. Eight spaces only/Pay and Display, Sunday no Charge. One-minute walk and ideal for the less mobile.
  • Trenchard Street, BS1 5AN – off Park Street, 950 spaces. A five-minute walk.
  • Bristol Harbourside, BS1 5LF – Canons Way, 384 spaces. A five- to ten-minute walk.
  • Millennium Square/At-Bristol, BS1 5LL – adjacent to At-Bristol, 550 spaces. A five - ten minute walk.

Can I park at Gloucester Cathedral?

No. There are a number of car parks near to Gloucester Cathedral that are well-signposted from the city centre. Alternatively, you can use one of the two Park and Ride services – view details on the Gloucester City Council web pages or telephone +44 (0)1452 396 576.


Are guest seats reserved in the Cathedral?

Yes. Your guest tickets will have an individual seat number which matches the seating plan of the Cathedral.

Can we stand at the back of the Cathedral?

Due to Health and Safety restrictions we cannot allow standing during the ceremony. All guests must have a ticket and be seated 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Is there an induction loop in the Cathedral for hearing-impaired visitors?

Yes. Bristol Cathedral has an induction loop. Please email to ensure this is switched on for your ceremony.

Where do the Graduands sit in the Cathedral?

Bristol graduands sit in designated seats on the stage at the front of the Cathedral.

At Gloucester, graduands sit in the designated seats in the north aisle.

Where do Graduands register at the Cathedral?

For Bristol Cathedral, register in the cloisters to the rear of the Cathedral.

For Gloucester, register in the south aisle of the Cathedral. Follow signs on the day for both.

Where is the Cathedral?

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral, College Green, Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5TJ
Google map showing Bristol Cathedral.

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral, 12 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LX
Google map showing Gloucester Cathedral.


Can I change my ceremony date?

The date and time of your ceremony as published on the Graduation website is confirmed. Graduands are not able to choose a different ceremony on a different date or time.

When should I arrive?

It is recommended that you arrive two hours before the ceremony begins. This allows time for you to register, robe and have official photographs taken. All graduands must register their arrival at the Cathedral one hour before the ceremony start time. The registration desk will close 30 minutes before your ceremony start time. It is essential that you have registered before this point.

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony will last approximately one hour.

I do not know the date or time of my ceremony

The date and time can be found on the Ceremony dates and schedules page, and will be confirmed by the UWE Bristol Online Store when you register to attend your ceremony.

My friend is graduating in the afternoon. I was on the same course and my invitation is for the morning ceremony?

Please email there are exceptions when a ceremony needs to be split due to the number of graduating students.


When do I get my graduation certificate?

Certificates for students graduating at the July ceremonies are posted by the end of August. Certificates for students graduating at November ceremonies are posted at the end of September.

Please ensure that your home address is up to date and valid via the MyUWE Portal. Certificates will be posted to your home address as shown on the MyUWE Portal, as your term address expires at the end of your study period.

I have changed my name – which name will appear on my certificate?

The name held on your student record at the time of the exam board is the name that will appear on your certificate. If you need further information, please email

I have divorced and want my former name on my certificate?

The name held on your student record at the time of the exam board is the name that will appear on your certificate. If you need further information, please email


Are young children/babies allowed in the Cathedral?

Graduation ceremonies are lengthy formal occasions. Experience has shown that children do get bored and restless. If you do decide to bring a young child as your guest and they require a seat then they will need a guest ticket of their own and must be accompanied by an adult.

Children under three years of age who can sit on another guest's lap will not require a ticket.

If you are bringing a child in a pushchair and need the child and pushchair next to your seat during the ceremony, you need to specify this when you purchase your guest tickets.


I have a debt to the University. How can I pay it off?

You must pay your debts before you register your intention to attend your Awards Ceremony. The range of student debt varies from library fines to tuition fees and accommodation to field trips.

If you have a debt you need to pay please contact UWE Bristol Credit Control on any of the following numbers to confirm your debt and find out how to pay:
+44 (0)117 32 83585
+44 (0)117 32 83586
+44 (0)117 32 82651.

Payment can be made through your Portal, the online store, cash, telephone or Direct Debit.

Please allow a week for your debt to clear, and you will then be able to register to attend your ceremony and purchase your guest tickets.

Please note: Debts will need to be cleared at least one week before the deadline date to register for your ceremony.


Am I eligible to attend the July Award Ceremonies?

View our eligibility guidelines to see if the examining board has granted you your award by the end of June. Alternatively, if you have been offered an interim award and accepted it by the deadline set by the University before the July ceremonies you will be eligible to attend the July ceremonies.

If you have not had your award confirmed by June then you will be deferred to the November ceremonies. Those doing resits in July will not be eligible for the July ceremonies.

Guest tickets

I need more guest tickets than I can apply for. Can I get more?

In order for you to purchase additional guest tickets, you must have registered and purchased your initial two tickets before the registration deadline. If there are any tickets remaining after the registration deadline, you will receive an email advising you that further tickets are available.

Are guest tickets allocated seats?

Guest ticket seating is allocated in sequence of when you registered and purchased your guest tickets, so it is beneficial to you to register and book your guest tickets early. If you choose to book additional tickets once these are released this may affect this seating allocation. Please note: additional accessible seats are allocated first.

Do I have to pay for a ticket for my child?

If a child requires a seat you will need to order a ticket. A child under three years of age who will sit on another guest's lap will not require a ticket.

When can I expect to receive my guest tickets?

Your guest tickets will not be posted and must be collected from the box office at the Cathedral on the day of your ceremony. Please print out and keep your confirmation email from the online store and bring it with you to collect your tickets at the Cathedral on the day. Your guests will be directed through the north door entrance of the Cathedral and you will meet with them once you have registered and robed.

Can I reclaim VAT from UWE Bristol for guest tickets if I live outside of the European Community (EC)?

UWE Bristol will not refund VAT on guest tickets. However, if you live outside the EC (this includes the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm), you may be able to recover the VAT paid on guest tickets through a VAT-refund scheme, offered by HM Revenue and Customs.

For more information, visit the HMRC website or contact their helpline on +44 (0)845 010 9000.

My guests are going to arrive late

Please inform the Graduation Box Office if your guests are going to arrive late. We will make sure your guest tickets are taken to the north door entrance and left with a member of the team.

Guests will need their tickets to enter the Cathedral and for the refreshments afterwards.

Hotels and accommodation

Can you recommend a hotel near the Cathedral?

We recommend that you contact Destination Bristol on +44 (0)845 408 0474 or search for accommodation at Visit Bristol.

Live streaming

All the ceremonies will be live streamed so guests who can’t attend on the day can watch this from a personal device on the day.

Location of your ceremony

Where is my Awards Ceremony held?

  • UWE Bristol-based students graduate at Bristol Cathedral in July and November. 
  • UWE University Centre Hartpury-based students graduate at Gloucester Cathedral in October.
  • UWE Bristol, Gloucester Campus students graduate at Gloucester Cathedral in October.


Will I be able to purchase University merchandise on the day?

The Students’ Union at UWE Bristol shop will be selling UWE Bristol hoodies, T-shirts and gifts on the day of your ceremony. View products available online.

Campus Clothing will also be selling T-shirts and hoodies listing graduates' names. If you do not wish your name to be included on the merchandise please email at least four weeks before your ceremony.


Can we take photographs during the ceremony?

We ask that all guests be seated during the ceremony. However, photography is allowed from a seated position.

Where and when does official photography take place?

Bristol Cathedral

In the south aisle of the Cathedral after you have registered and robed.

Gloucester Cathedral

In the Chapter House of the Cathedral after you have registered and robed.

Official photography takes place before your ceremony. Please arrive at least two hours before your ceremony if you are having official photographs taken.

How does the Hashtag Printing Service work?

We will be able to print any photo that has been publically uploaded to Twitter or Instagram using #uwegraduation. If you have a private Twitter or Instagram account and wish to change it to public to access the hashtag printing service, you can do so via the Privacy and Settings sections of your account.

Prints can be collected from the Alumni team in the marquee adjacent to the Cathedral after your ceremony. We aim to print as many photos uploaded to Twitter and Instagram with the #uwegraduation as possible, but may need to limit prints to two per account at very busy periods.

Prize winner (non graduating)

I am a prize winner, but I am not graduating. What do I need – robes/tickets etc?

You are not required to wear robes. If you are bringing guests then they will need guest tickets for the ceremony. You will be sent information about guest tickets when you are informed about your prize. If you need further information, please email


Are any refreshments served after the ceremony?

Yes. Light refreshments of sparkling wine, fruit juice and water will be served in a marquee adjacent to Bristol Cathedral following the ceremonies, and at Gloucester Cathedral in the cloisters.


I am not eligible to graduate, can I receive a refund?

At the time of registering, you may not yet have had your award conferred by an award board, but you do need to indicate now if you are planning to attend your ceremony. It is also advisable to purchase your guest tickets by the registration deadline.

If you are unsuccessful in completing your award in time for the ceremony, you will receive a full refund for guest ticket purchases. Refunds will be processed following your ceremony but please allow three weeks for the payment to reach your account.

Once you have had your award conferred by an award board and have registered to attend your ceremony, the cost of guest tickets is not refundable. Please be sure your guests will be able to attend before purchasing guest tickets. A refund requested after the registration deadline will not be made except in exceptional circumstances.

Can I cancel my guest tickets?

You may cancel your registration and any guest tickets by email to by the registration deadline. Refunds requested after the registration deadline will not be processed except in exceptional circumstances as arrangements have already been made for the Awards Ceremony so please be sure your guests can attend before purchasing guest tickets.


Can I wear my father's/mother's/friend's robe?

Only UWE Bristol robes can be worn at UWE Bristol Awards Ceremonies.

Do I have to wear the robes?

99.9% of graduates do but it is not compulsory.

What colour is the robe and hood?

Robes can be ordered from Ede and Ravenscroft. They are black and the lining of the hood varies depending upon your award. See Ede and Ravenscroft for full details.

What do I have to wear to the ceremony?

Anything smart – we recommend wearing a shirt so that the hood of your outfit can be attached to a button.

Where and when do I collect my robes?

Bristol Cathedral

Robes can be collected from the Chapter House of Bristol Cathedral after you have registered your attendance at the Cathedral. Robes should be returned after the ceremony in the marquee adjacent to the Cathedral.

Gloucester Cathedral

Robes should be collected in the south aisle of the Cathedral after you have registered and returned to the same area after the ceremony.

I need to contact Ede and Ravenscroft about my robe order?

Visit Ede and Ravenscroft or telephone +44(0)1223 861854.

Unable to attend

I am unable to attend the ceremony, can I attend next year?

If you are unable to attend your Awards Ceremony you may defer your attendance to the next ceremony season depending on availability. Please confirm in writing to that you wish to defer by the registration deadline of the current Awards Ceremony season and confirmation of your deferral will follow. Graduands can only defer their graduation attendance once.


Can we video the ceremony?

We ask that all guests be seated during the ceremony. However, filming is allowed from a seated position.

Is there an official video/DVD of the ceremony?

Yes, Visions Unlimited will be filming the ceremonies. DVDs can be ordered in advance through their website and will be available for collection/purchase within 15 minutes after the event.


My parents need a letter to be able to travel to the UK

Please email with the following information for each of your guests:

  • Full name
  • Relationship to you.
  • Date of birth

We can then provide you with a letter which states the date of your graduation ceremony.

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