Health and applied sciences courses: fees and how to apply


Our modules have been banded into the following price brackets.

Fee bands: September 2017 – August 2018

Credit Fee: full study Attendance only
15 £670 £503
20 £892 £670
30 £1,340 £1,006
40 £1,784 £1,340
45 £2,009 £1,506
60 £2,680 £2,012

Self-funding students are required to pay in full either at or before enrolment or by direct debit over three to six months.

Course timetables

The course timetable provides details of when courses will be running:

How to apply


Employer/sponsor funded students

Sponsored/part-sponsored students will need proof of sponsorship at the time of enrolment. This could be by either of the following:

  • A letter on your sponsor's headed paper signed by an authorised person in the organisation concerned
  • Completion of an Authority to Invoice Fees form signed by an authorised person in the organisation concerned

Health and applied sciences funding

You may find the opportunities below useful to assist you in securing some funding towards your work-based learning. Often these sources will fund part or full-service improvement work.

Remember that a sound business case to your employer can often attract funding. Your Programme Leader or work-based learning supervisor can support you to develop a proposal.

Funding sources

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