Advanced Practice Acute and Urgent Care education contract

The Advanced Practice Acute and Urgent Care education contract is for registered health care practitioners (eg nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, paramedic, pharmacist) working in secondary or community care and interested in advancing their practice.

About the Advanced Practice Acute and Urgent Care programme

Evidence suggests that practitioners looking to advance their practice in the modern health care, irrespective of level of clinical expertise, face a number of challenges.

Working in partnership with Health Education South West, Plymouth University and NHS stakeholders, UWE Bristol has developed an exciting programme to give health care professionals a foundation of knowledge and skills to help to meet patient, practitioner and employer needs.  

This education supports the development of advancing practice and the advanced practice role through a Multi-Professional Foundation programme or a suite of condition-specific modules. The education also aligns to our MSc Advanced Practice programme meaning you can go on to gain a qualification should you so choose.

Multi-Professional programme for Advancing Practice (MPPAP)

The Multi-Professional programme for Advancing Practice (MPPAP) consists of two 20-credit modules offered at undergraduate and masters levels. Together, these modules are designed to appeal to a range of practitioners who are working in the ever-challenging arenas of healthcare delivery.

The module team includes nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and is also supported by people currently working in practice to ensure that learning and development is relevant and current.

Condition-specific modules

In addition to the Multi-Professional programme for Advancing Practice (MPPAP) we are pleased to offer a range of condition-specific modules. These are a suite of modules available to include key areas identified against workforce demands. The modules will be offered alongside a relevant, flexible and accessible collection of study days and master classes. 

Funding for your learning

Funding may be available to support you in this learning. Please contact your Trust Education Lead in the first instance. If you work in the private, independent or voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you accordingly.

If you have any questions about the contracts please email or telephone +44 (0)117 32 81158.

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