Wellbeing Service

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Counselling, mental health and specialist mentoring

The Wellbeing Service offers a comprehensive array of support services to help you with your mental health and personal development needs.


Face to face counselling to help you deal with personal issues.

Emotional resilience

Invest in your mental wealth with emotional resilience skills.

Specialist mentor support

Support with motivation, morale, time management and organisation.

Client confidentiality

How we handle your personal information and details of our privacy statement.

Access to your records

How to access records the Wellbeing Service holds for you.

Mental health support

Support for students experiencing mental health difficulties.

Information for staff

Staff consultation and training on supporting students with mental health issues.

Information for family and friends

Advice and guidance for family and friends.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Wellbeing Service.

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