Funding FAQs

Frequently asked questions on funding for students studying at UWE Bristol.

Is funding available for Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish students?

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish students are charged the same tuition fees as English students, and financial support will be provided from their 'home' devolved administration.

Student support information is available from Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Student Finance Northern Ireland and Student Finance Wales.

Is there any extra help for living costs?

Yes, eligible UK undergraduates and PGCE students will be able to apply for funding from Student Finance (England, Wales etc) and, if on an NHS-funded courses, also from the NHSBSA.

See the funding section for an overview of government funding available and our financial support section for information about support available from UWE Bristol.

Does UWE Bristol offer any additional scholarships or bursaries to help students?

New students starting courses in the 2017/18 academic year

We will provide three different bursaries to undergraduate English-resident students.

There will be two types of enhanced bursaries of £2,000 paid to Student Finance England-funded students. We will pay an enhanced bursary to students in the 2017/18 academic year who are either:

  1. on healthcare courses with childcare costs, or
  2. care leavers, estranged students and carers.

If you fall in either of the above categories you will get a bursary of £2,000 as long as your income (as assessed by Student Finance England) is below £25,000.

We also offer 1,300 low income bursaries of £500 to students who do not meet the criteria outlined above, but whose income as assessed by Student Finance England is below £25,000.

View eligibility criteria for the UWE Bursary scheme.

Students who started courses before 2017/18 academic year

If you started your course before the 2017/18 academic year you can view details of the UWE Bursary scheme for current registered students.

Does UWE Bristol offer any other help?

As well as the UWE Bursary, there are a number of UWE Bristol funds to support postgraduate and undergraduate study. The funds are only available to students once they have enrolled on a course.

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