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Graduate Internships Scheme

The UWE Bristol and Santander Graduate Internships Scheme provides a high-quality opportunity for our 2016 graduates to gain valuable work experience in a range of employment sectors – and you'll earn at least £300 a week.

Applications to our Graduate Internships Scheme are now open to 2016 UWE Bristol graduates. This is an exciting opportunity for you to gain work experience, build your skills and gain a head start in the jobs market.

Internships will last for ten weeks full-time or for 20 weeks part-time. They will also incorporate support from us and training from the employer.

Participants are invited to search and secure your own internship with a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the UK. An SME has a workforce of under 250 employers and a turnover of up to 50 million. Public sector and not-for-profit third sector (charities) opportunities are also accepted. Please note that the company must be one that you’ve not worked for in any capacity at all.

 The latest start date for all internships is Thursday 12 January 2017.

Am I eligible?

  • You must be a 2016 UWE Bristol graduate.
  • You cannot be registered on a full-time course while you are on an internship.
  • You must have graduated from a BA, BSc, BArch, BEng, MPlan, LLB or MEng course.
  • The funding for these internships is not available to students or graduates from Masters/postgraduate courses. However, you may still apply to any position.

Benefits of an internship

  • Valuable high-quality work experience.
  • Insight, knowledge and the opportunity to develop skills.
  • An improved CV.
  • A competitive advantage in the job market.
  • The chance to build up a network of useful contacts.
  • Increased confidence.
  • The challenge of applying knowledge gained during your studies.
  • An opportunity to broaden your career options through experiencing work in a sector not directly related to your degree.

Applying for internships

Information on how to apply

All 2016 graduates from the University who hold an undergraduate degree (eg BA, BSc, BArch, BEng, MPlan, LLB or MEng) are automatically eligible to apply for a graduate internship.

You can find your own UWE Bristol graduate internship by approaching employers speculatively, by searching for vacancies advertised on InfoHub, or by searching externally. View the Careers Toolkit ‘Find a Job' section or use the resource lists on InfoHub to find more vacancies.

For further advice please contact UWE Bristol Careers. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to see a member of our Careers Team via InfoHub.

How to log into Infohub

You will need to reset your password as your student login details will no longer be valid for Infohub. The reset email will go to the personal email address that you recorded when at the University. Remember to check junk/spam folders.

Once you have reset your password, log in at InfoHub by selecting the Graduate button. You will then need to enter your UWE Bristol username.

When you have logged in we recommend that you update your email address and review your preferences.

Before you make any internship applications, we recommend that you submit a current copy of your CV for checking by a qualified member of the Careers Team. You can do this on InfoHub by submitting your CV via the ‘My Questions’ function.

Making the most of your internship

  • Learn about the business before you apply – its history, position in the market, goals, clients and competitors. You should look at their website, Google them and read any recent press articles.
  • Be professional at all times. Show up on time and don't leave early. Think of your internship as one long interview and act accordingly. You wouldn't be late to an interview, would you?
  • Follow your office dress code unless told otherwise.
  • Work hard and with enthusiasm. Doing so will go a long way toward proving your integrity and worth.
  • Demonstrate initiative. Don't sit back and wait for projects to be dropped on your desk. If you have run out of things to do, tell someone. If there's a task that interests you, volunteer to help. You're there to learn. Ask questions when you don't understand something.
  • Network with other workers whenever possible. Many jobs go unadvertised, as they are filled strictly through networking opportunities instead of online or print adverts. Politely introduce yourself to people around the office, even if you do not work directly with them. Ask them how they got their jobs, what they do, and about the pros and cons of the industry.
  • Please seek permission from your employer in advance if you wish to keep a copy of any reports, articles, or presentations you worked on, so that you comply with contractual obligations.
  • When you go to job interviews, make sure that you highlight your internship experience – it will set you apart from other applicants.
  • Every job has a few unenviable tasks. If your role includes photocopying, tea-making and filing, do it properly and with a smile. Being positive goes a long way.
  • Avoid issuing or receiving personal phone calls and texts. Keep away from social-networking sites like Facebook or listening to your iPod while you are working – this is very unprofessional.

Ongoing support

What ongoing support will UWE Bristol offer me?

Our dedicated Graduate Internships Team is on hand to help the application process and can be contacted via My Questions’ on InfoHub.


If you need help with your CV, covering letter or interview preparation you can use our online careers toolkit. If you have any concerns you can submit your CV for review via the ‘My Questions’ function for feedback. You can also book a CV feedback appointment.


We will only contact you during your internship if it is necessary. If you have any queries about your internship or the internship process please get in touch with us via ‘My Questions’ on InfoHub.

We will send out evaluation forms for both you (at the end of your internship) and your employer (halfway through your internship). These must be completed to ensure that the subsidy is paid to your employer.

The evaluation forms outline the additional services we can offer you, to help build your new experiences into your CV, find suitable jobs or courses and apply for them, or consider other options. They also assist us with future marketing of our schemes.

It is essential for us to gather this information in order to make improvements to the scheme, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to complete it.


Once you have completed your internship we welcome any additional feedback on your experiences of the scheme.

We run numerous employer events throughout the academic year. Please email our Internships Team if you would like to participate as a panel member and discuss your experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Can I find my own internship?

Yes, you can send speculative applications to an employer you’ve identified or apply for a vacancy they are advertising either directly or through InfoHub. You might start your search either by location or type of work offered – use your networks, Google, LinkedIn etc for your research. You can also use the ‘Find a Job’ section of the Careers Toolkit found on InfoHub.

When making a speculative application, you may want to include the following statement that briefly explains the scheme:

“I am a 2016 graduate from University of West of England (UWE Bristol) looking for a paid internship linked to my degree in…

You may be interested to know that UWE Bristol has just launched a Graduate Internships Scheme, which offers a £1,500 subsidy to companies/organisations who employ a recent UWE Bristol graduate for a ten-week full-time (or 20-week part-time) internship. All internships must be paid a minimum of £300 per week via the company's PAYE – full details about the scheme can be found on this page but if you have any questions, please contact the Internships team direct or telephone +44 (0)117 32 85353…”

Graduate internships received directly by UWE Bristol will be advertised on InfoHub. You can search for them by selecting the ‘UWE Internship Schemes’ field and look for roles that have ‘UWE Bristol and Santander Graduate Internship’ in the job title.

What do I do when I have been offered an internship?

Congratulations! When you have received your offer and confirmation that you have secured an internship please send your internship provider the link to this online form, which needs to be completed before you start the internship. They will also be required to provide a full job description before the internship is approved and the subsidy is allocated. If this form isn’t completed and returned, the subsidy will not be paid. When we receive this form we will be in contact with you.

What sorts of employers should I approach?

All business sectors are eligible, but they should be an SME (less than 250 employees), a public sector organisation or not-for-profit third sector.

How much will I be paid and for how long?

You will be paid a minimum of £300 a week. The internship can be completed over a period of ten weeks full-time or 20 weeks part-time.

You are also entitled to paid holiday days – please ensure that you read the Internship Agreement carefully.

What sort of work is acceptable as an internship?

Internships are likely to involve a project that gives you the opportunity to contribute fresh ideas to the business, grow in confidence and build on your graduate skills and knowledge. An element of appropriate training should also be included within the programme.

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