Student Ambassador profiles

UWE Bristol Student Ambassadors explain how the scheme has benefited them and enhanced their skills.

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson"Being a Student Ambassador has given me the opportunity to work with course leaders and the Careers team to give presentations to prospective students about the great courses and services we have at UWE Bristol. This has been a great addition to my CV and has given me increased confidence for interviews."

Richard Peake

Richard Peake"I decided to become a Student Ambassador because I wanted to be productive with my free time at university and proudly represent UWE Bristol. I have been able to connect with some amazing people because of this role and my confidence has gone through the roof!"

Kathy Stringer

Kathy Stringer"Being a postgraduate, I was reluctant to join the Ambassador scheme due to not knowing my availability and not knowing the campus very well. However, with the flexible hours and the choice of only working on jobs you are comfortable with, I have really enjoyed working at UWE Bristol. Not only have I met new friends, but it’s made up for having no student loan this year!"

JJ Clark

JJ Clark"I joined the Student Ambassador scheme to help others decide on their future. It’s rewarding to know that my work has had a positive influence on young people’s education. As a Student Ambassador, I have gained important communication skills, which has enhanced my career prospects."

Rosie O'Neill

Rosie O'Neill"I became a Student Ambassador as I wanted to be more involved with the promotion of UWE Bristol, share my experiences and demonstrate the rewards of student life. I have gained confidence and enhanced skills that have proven useful within my studies and placement year."

Mike Bristowe

Mike Bristowe"I became a Student Ambassador because I am proud to say that I’m a UWE Bristol student! I’ve gained pride in the course that I study and enjoy meeting potential future students at Open Days, helping to advise and reassure not only them, but their parents too about university life."

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