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Confirming your placement

Once you have been offered a placement opportunity please follow the two-step process below to request approval from UWE Bristol. Please note that placements are not approved until you have completed these steps.

Why does my placement need to be approved?

We want you to have a safe and successful placement. To ensure this we:

  • check your placement role is a good academic fit and will allow you to meet the learning outcomes of the placement module
  • take our duty of care to you seriously and seek to establish you are going on a safe and viable placement.

Getting your placement approved

Please note: Placements are not approved until the two steps have been completed.

Step 1: Placement proposal form

Submit the Placement proposal form (located in InfoHub – login required).

Tips to complete the form successfully:

  • Before you accept a placement offer you must refer to the UWE Bristol Placement checklist.
  • Provide a detailed description of the duties you'll be undertaking. This ensures we have sufficient information to approve your placement, and also ensures you have a full understanding of the role.
  • Students from the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technology or Faculty of Business and Law undertaking a self-employed sandwich placement should use this form to provide details about what you plan to do and how you will access suitable business support.
  • Describe how the placement relates to your course. This enables your academic to determine whether the role is suitable.
  • Answer the risk assessment questions carefully by providing as much information as possible.

We will contact you if we need further clarification about anything on your form. You should normally expect to receive a reply within one working week.

Step 2: Health and Safety Agreement

Read and complete the Health and Safety Agreement: (InfoHub login required)
  1. Complete page one of the form.
  2. Print and sign the form on page three.
  3. Send to your employer for their original signature. Typed signatures will not be accepted.
  4. Once your form is complete, send it to us via MyQuestions, using the topic title 'Confirming your placements/work based learning activity details to UWE Bristol'.

Please note: students undertaking a self-employed sandwich placement are not required to complete the Placement Health and Safety Agreement. However, you may be asked to consider how health and safety and insurance matters will be managed during your placement.

Overseas placements

If you are a student going overseas on an approved placement as part of your program of study, you are covered by the UWE Bristol Travel Insurance Policy. For more information on practicalities and keeping yourself safe overseas see our Placement FAQs.

What happens after placement approval?

  • We will provide you with updates as your placement details are processed.
  • The Placement Support Team will notify you via your UWE Bristol email to confirm that your placement has been approved.
  • You are required to attend a Placement Year Briefing during the Spring term (March to May). A separate briefing will also be provided for those students undertaking a placement outside the UK. You will receive further details via email closer to the time.
  • Read your Students' Guide to Placements.
  • You need to register with UWE Bristol for your next academic year via MyUWE, as usual. You will be attached to the placement module and given access to the Blackboard site in time for the start of the new academic year. 
  • You will need to contact your funding body to arrange student finance for your placement year, where applicable.
  • The Placement Support Team will contact you during the first few months of your sandwich placement to check on progress. We welcome contact from all students, so if you have a query or question about your placements please contact UWE Bristol Careers.

Further questions?

Call the Placement Support Team on +44 (0)117 32 82220, read our FAQs or ask us a question via InfoHub.

We will guide you through getting your placement approved and answer your questions about your forthcoming placement.

Still looking for a placement?

If you are looking for a placement, read our information on finding a placement.

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