Transferring or leaving UWE accommodation

Whether you are looking to transfer to different UWE accommodation or to move out entirely, we will do all we can to support you during this time.

Transferring properties or rooms

Generally we discourage transfers between university allocated rooms, flats or houses during the course of the first term. It is important that you allow yourself time to properly adjust to University life and settle in to your accommodation. However, if you do feel unhappy, please speak to your Accommodation Manager, who will do the best they can to resolve your problems. After the initial settling in period transfers may be permitted at the absolute discretion of your Accommodation Manager.

If a student makes more than one transfer during an academic year an administration charge to cover the costs of the move will be made for a second or subsequent transfer.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of a transfer, please contact your Accommodation Manager in the first instance.

Withdrawing from the University

If you have decided to leave the University and terminate your studies, you are required to inform us immediately in writing. You can either download and complete the Accommodation Notice letter, or collect a hard copy from the main Information Point (1D11) on Frenchay Campus, or for Frenchay Student Village residents, your Courtyard Reception.

You must ensure that you have informed your faculty or department of your decision to leave UWE, as confirmation will be required in order to proceed.

The conditions for being released from your licence are contained in Section 8 of our terms and conditions.

If you would like further advice please ask at the Information Point.

Once your release date has been confirmed, before or on that date, you must:

  • return your keys and bus pass
  • leave the property in a good and clean state of repair
  • have paid any accommodation fees due to the University

If another student (not currently resident in UWE Accommodation) takes up your accommodation prior to expiry of your notice period, we will release you from your licence obligations from the date that the replacement student takes your accommodation.

Leaving University accommodation to move home or into privately rented accommodation

If you wish to leave your accommodation, but are intending to continue to be a full time registered student of the University, you will only be released from your licence if you find a suitable replacement student (i.e. one who is not currently in University managed accommodation, and who is the same gender). You will have to pay for your University Accommodation until a replacement student signs a licence accepting liability for your room.

If you are considering this option we strongly recommend that you visit Accommodation Services to discuss this matter in more detail prior to signing any other agreement with another landlord. The Students' Union are also able to offer you advice.

Page last updated 16 October 2014

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