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Moving out of accommodation

It's almost time to leave your UWE Bristol accommodation, and to make 'checking out' as straight forward and efficient as possible we have some guidelines for you to follow.

Post and parcels

Please contact Royal Mail to get your mail or online shopping re-directed. We cannot store or forward mail or parcels – they will be marked ‘return to sender’.

Before leaving, please collect all outstanding parcels and avoid ordering any new parcels two weeks prior to moving, unless they are to your new address.

If you are expecting a delivery to arrive after you have vacated, you must advise us before you check out. Failure to do so will result in parcels not being accepted. You must also provide us with current contact details and collect or arrange collection within 48 hours of delivery.

Any deliveries held and not collected within the agreed time will be returned to sender.

Guide to cleaning

You should return the house/flat (bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas) to us in the condition that you received it.

As a minimum, you should:

  • remove all rubbish and unwanted items – anything we have to dispose will incur a charge
  • sort your rubbish and put it in the correct recycling bin
  • put unwanted electrical items in the designated area in the bin store
  • put unwanted clothing, books, jewellery and linen in the charity bags we distribute and leave them in the bin stores for collection
  • put unwanted and unopened dry food (tins and packets only) in the charity boxes (no fresh items).
Bedrooms Bathrooms/shower rooms/ensuite
Empty wardrobe and drawers and wipe clean Clean shower, sink and toilet and remove any limescale
Wipe all surfaces Scrub floors and clean tiles
Vacuum/clean carpet Wipe clean all surfaces

Shared responsibility

You are responsible for your room but the communal areas are a shared responsibility. If there are cleaning or damage charges in these areas, they will usually be divided between all house/flatmates. It is important to meet with your house/flatmates and agree who will be completing tasks.

Help with cleaning

If you need assistance you can contact UWE Bristol Cleaning Services. They offer value-for-money cleaning services and can help minimise the chance of any charges.

How to return keys/fobs and access cards

We highly recommend that you return your keys/fob/access card to your accommodation's customer services desk on the day you leave. If you are not able to do this, please post them by recorded delivery in a padded envelope to:

Accommodation Services
1US Carroll Court
UWE Bristol
Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol BS16 1US

The Hollies residents

Please place the key in the envelope provided and post through the letter box in Block 2, The Hollies.

Glenside residents

Please place the key in the envelope provided and post through the letter box in 1H29.

Lost and non-returned keys/fobs/access cards

We require you to return all access cards, fobs and/or keys to your property by midday on the end date of your licence.

Please note: We reserve the right to charge you for the non-return of access cards, fobs and/or keys – the minimum charge for this will be £50.

Accommodation Services inspections and charges

After you have left, and returned your keys/fobs/access card, your room will be inspected for cleanliness and any damages or repairs required.

After the last person in your house/flat leaves, the communal areas will be inspected for cleanliness and any damages or repairs required.

Please note: cleaning and damages are chargeable but not routine repairs.

If you have any questions you can contact the following Customer Service Desks:

  • Cotswold Court Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 86227
  • Wallscourt Park Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 87364
  • Accommodation Services at

Charges: for damage, cleaning and rubbish removal

Cleaning charges

Bedrooms Communal kitchen, living rooms, hallways and stairs
Clean bedroom £20 Carpet shampoo £20
Shampoo bedroom carpet £20 Fridge or freezer £30 (for each unit)
Bathrooms £25 Oven or hob £50 (for each unit)
  Microwave £10
  Kitchen clean (excluding white goods) £50

Moving out charges

Service Charge
Rubbish removal £40 (this cost is per item)
Large item removal (eg TV, sofa) £40 per item

Damage charges

The most common chargers are listed below if you have any concerns please contact Accommodation Services.

Bedrooms Bathrooms/Shower rooms/Ensuite
Breakfast bar £182 Mirrors £80
Curtains £50–£90 Redecoration
Walls £45–£150
Ceilings £150–£300
Flooring £35 per square metre
                £370 per whole room
Upholstery cleaning/covering
Chairs from £40
Sofas from £80
Heaters £180 Worktops £88–£205
Mattress £65 General furniture repairs
Case by case – please contact us in advance for a quote

Don't attempt to touch up or redecorate damaged or marked walls – this can make them look worse and result in charges. Instead, please just notify your Accommodation Manager as soon as possible.

Next steps: living in the community

Moving out of University accommodation and into a shared house/flat with friends is an exciting time. Along with more independence you will also gain responsibilities, not just in paying the rent and bills, but towards other members of the community. See our private accommodation section for advice and guidance.

For further information about living in the community see our community liaison information.

Moving out questions

If you have any questions, please email or call us on +44 (0)117 32 83601 and we will help guide you through the process.

The moving out guidance on this page is also available as a PDF. Download the Moving Out Guide.

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