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Reasons for changing

There are many and varied reasons for changing direction, and probably no two students will have exactly the same reasons.

You might be considering changing for the following reasons:

  • The programme of study is different from your expectations.
  • The academic level is too high or low for you.
  • You do not like the institution, the city or your accommodation.
  • You are missing your home and friends.
  • You have become interested in one particular part of a programme of study and want to specialise in that area.
  • You are having difficulty coping financially.
  • You have personal, health or family problems which make it difficult or impossible to continue studying.

All these are perfectly good reasons for wanting to make a change, but you may be able to resolve some of these issues without having to take such a radical step as changing your programme or university or even leaving higher education completely.

For example, different accommodation can usually be arranged and there are specialist staff to help with this. Also, many employers are just as interested in the process of studying for a degree or diploma as its subject or content, and they often consider graduates of any discipline when making recruitment decisions.

Advice and support

These are major decisions which can affect your future education and working life. You should always consult a Student Support Adviser, member of academic staff and a professional careers adviser, even if you feel certain you have made the right decision.

International students

If you are an international student, making any change to your course may have implications for your immigration status and the completion of your studies. Please contact the Advice and Enquiry Service for advice.

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