Academic advice

Student talking to an adviser

Below you will find information and advice about academic related issues and what to do if something happens which affects your studies.

For many students, problems can be solved if you ask for help before your situation gets worse and seeking help as early as possible if you feel you are struggling is always advisable.


Assessment FAQs, feedback, assessment offences and what to do if things go wrong.

Module information

Guidance on module options and online module evaluation.

Academic appeals

Information about the process and how to submit an appeal.

Credit accumulation

Information on accumulating credit and transferring credit.

Degree classification

How your degree classification is calculated and how to estimate it yourself.


How to apply for replacement or certified copies of certificates.

Academic Regulations and procedures

Essential reading for all students of the University.

Changing direction

Guidance on changing modules, your programme, or withdrawing.

Student Support Advisers

Student Support Advisers can provide advice on a range of course and programme related matters.

References and letters

Information on how to ask for academic references/verifications and other letters.

Registration Agreement and Conditions

View the Registration Agreement and Conditions that all UWE students are required to read and complete.

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