Research with impact

3D printed ceramic bowls

3D printing of ceramics

UWE Bristol's innovative ceramic 3D printing material has helped ceramic tableware companies improve their industrial processes.

Magnified microbes

Developing healthcare products

A technique from UWE Bristol has led to the creation of new mouthwashes and wound dressings.

Pre-teen children in a classroom

Tackling negative body image

Negative body image is a significant global health issue. UWE Bristol research has informed major industry and policy initiatives to tackle it.

Smartphone on a map with compass and pen

Pervasive media: building a new digital world

UWE Bristol research has enabled companies to create innovative digital products for mobile devices.

Helping people with osteoarthritis

Helping people with osteoarthritis

UWE Bristol research has developed a programme of exercise and support that is bringing cost-effective relief to patients across the UK.

Community participation in gathering local news

Community participation in gathering local news

UWE research has informed the BBC and community groups in working together to widen the range of voices in local news.

Overfishing research

Closing the net on overfishing

Research at UWE Bristol has been instrumental in establishing marine reserves, including the world’s largest.

Improving air quality research

Improving the quality of the air we breathe

UWE Bristol research has improved air quality management in the UK and around the world.

Padlock on a circuit board depicting data protection

Safeguarding privacy in public statistics

Agencies around the world use methods developed at UWE Bristol to safeguard people’s privacy when they release statistics to the public.

Careful talk saves lives

Careful talk saves lives

UWE research has led to improved teamwork between healthcare professionals during hospital emergencies.

Supporting people with cleft lip

Care for people with cleft lip and palate now includes support from a professional psychologist thanks to UWE Bristol research.

Improving children's communication research

Helping children’s communication

UWE Bristol research has led to improved services and therapy for children with impaired communication.

Measuring 3D objects research

Measuring solid objects automatically

Couriers, freight handlers and other companies use a UWE Bristol technique to measure difficult solid objects in challenging environments.

Improving travel information

Helping people choose how to travel

A third of a million people every week use an online travel service thanks to UWE Bristol research.

Engagement with education research

Improving engagement with education

Research at UWE Bristol has helped improve young people’s achievements in education by stimulating new partnerships between universities, colleges and schools.

Mobile banking research

Expanding mobile banking

Legal research at UWE Bristol has helped a multinational telecoms business expand the availability of mobile banking in emerging markets.

Graduate suitability research

What sort of graduates do we need?

UWE Bristol research has helped create a standard tool to inform school leavers, universities and policymakers.

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