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Research with impact

Group of teenagers taking a selfie

Engaging young people in healthier living

Ground-breaking research at UWE has accelerated the success of public health initiatives for young people and helped to dramatically improve their quality of life.

Flooding in an urban environment

Flood resilient communities

UWE Bristol researchers co-work with communities and agencies to transform thinking on resilience to floods/extreme weather.

Pre-teen children in a classroom

Tackling negative body image

Negative body image is a significant global health issue. UWE Bristol research has informed major industry and policy initiatives to tackle it.

Medical professionals walking in a hospital

Sensing our health

UWE Bristol researchers are developing cutting-edge technology called ‘magnetic-biosensors’ to accurately detect biological molecules.

Refugee camp in Haiti

Powering the future

Harnessing the potential of microbial fuel cells, using urine as a biological energy source.

CERN - Large Hadron Collider

Making Big Data work for you

UWE-designed CRISTAL software is giving scientists the power to understand and analyse more data than ever before.

pile of fish

Closing the net on overfishing

Research at UWE Bristol has been instrumental in establishing marine reserves, including the world’s largest.

Teenagers in classroom with a teacher

Promoting children’s literature

Research at UWE is making a big impact on the writing, teaching and reading of children’s literature internationally and in the UK.

Supporting people with cleft lip

Care for people with cleft lip and palate now includes support from a professional psychologist thanks to UWE Bristol research.

countryside landscape

Improving the quality of the air we breathe

UWE Bristol research has improved air quality management in the UK and around the world.

children playing in a playground

Helping children’s communication

UWE Bristol research has led to improved services and therapy for children with impaired communication.

Earth at night surrounded by luminous flight paths representing major air routes

Changing policy on human trafficking

Research at UWE Bristol has influenced policy on international human trafficking and improved the human rights of exploited migrants.

Houses against a background of blue sky

Shaping sustainable suburbs

Researchers at UWE are helping to shape sustainable suburbs for the future.

Motion blur picture of a London bus and commuters

Connecting people to places

A third of a million people every week use an online travel service thanks to UWE Bristol research.

Graphic of a workforce working together to improve productivity

Research insights influence labour productivity

Insights from research at UWE Bristol on the factors influencing labour productivity have informed ambitious policies that are fuelling regional economic growth.

Magnified microbes

Developing healthcare products

A technique from UWE Bristol has led to the creation of new mouthwashes and wound dressings.

3D printed ceramic bowls

3D printing of ceramics

UWE Bristol's innovative ceramic 3D printing material has helped ceramic tableware companies improve their industrial processes.

3D image of an arthritic bone

Helping people with osteoarthritis

UWE Bristol research has developed a programme of exercise and support that is bringing cost-effective relief to patients across the UK.

Smartphone on a map with compass and pen

Pervasive media: building a new digital world

UWE Bristol research has enabled companies to create innovative digital products for mobile devices.

two girls sitting on a wall

Improving engagement with education

Research at UWE Bristol has helped improve young people’s achievements in education by stimulating new partnerships between universities, colleges and schools.

Female manager leading a project team

Helping front-line managers improve operational performance

Leading organisations have benefited from research at UWE Bristol that highlights the importance of front-line managers in their role as people managers.

Artists Book: Life in a Box by Eri Funazaki and Danny Flynn

Promoting awareness of the artist's book

UWE Bristol research has widely influenced understanding and appreciation of artists’ books benefiting artists, educators and the public.

A fingerprint as part of a network diagram

Public statistics, individual privacy

Agencies around the world use methods developed at UWE Bristol to safeguard people’s privacy when they release statistics to the public.

large coloured boxes in a warehouse

Measuring solid objects automatically

Couriers, freight handlers and other companies use a UWE Bristol technique to measure difficult solid objects in challenging environments.

mobile phone on top of a some paper money

Expanding mobile banking

Legal research at UWE Bristol has helped a multinational telecoms business expand the availability of mobile banking in emerging markets.

hands holding miicrophones

Community participation in gathering local news

UWE research has informed the BBC and community groups in working together to widen the range of voices in local news.

An AIRBUS plane in flight

Next generation flight design

‘OntoREM’ combines cutting-edge requirements modelling alongside project and business timelines, shaping the next generation of aircraft.

Construction industry professionals assessing buildings

Collaborative culture in construction

Collaboration and communication toolkits designed at UWE are changing things for the better.

doctors and nurses looking after a patient

Careful talk saves lives

UWE research has led to improved teamwork between healthcare professionals during hospital emergencies.

group of graduates wearing graduation caps

What sort of graduates do we need?

UWE Bristol research has helped create a standard tool to inform school leavers, universities and policymakers.

tired middle aged man rubbing his eye

Helping people with rheumatoid arthritis

Researchers at UWE Bristol have developed a self-management intervention that significantly reduces fatigue and improves the quality of life of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

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