Frenchay Library summer refurbishments

We've listened to your feedback, and are pleased to announce a range of improvements to Frenchay Library.

Access to study spaces and IT facilities during the refurbishments

The refurbishments are almost complete. We are just finishing off some new signage, and adding security gates. There will be some noise when these are being worked on. We will post advance notice about these occasions on our Twitter account.

Access Frenchay Library from our main entrance by One Zone, or from our new entrance in the Glendinning lecture theatre (2D67) foyer near the Octagon. For an accessible route, please use the lift on Level 2 of the Library.

  • Printers are available on Levels 2, 3 and 4.
  • Book returns: please use the book-return machines in the wall on Level 2. 

Access to physical collections

All of the stock is now back on the shelves. Thank you for your patience during the refurbishments.

Upgrades and changes

Floor  Upgrades and changes  
Level 2
  • We have created a new entrance to the library from the Glendinning foyer, 2D67 - (opening times to be confirmed).
  • We have removed the swipe-card controlled entrance.
  • We have added an improved Print Hub with quick-print PCs.
  • We have added study spaces to this floor, with a range of different seating.
  • We are creating a training area for short 'how to' workshops.
  • We have removed the Assistive Technology area. Find out more about our provision for disabled students.
  • We are updating our help desk area.
  • We have increased the number of devices available for you to use to quickly book a PC.
Level 3
  • We have added a water fountain.
  • Relocated the Education Resources Collection (ERC) from Level 4, to Level 3 near Staircase B.
  • Improved study spaces and IT provision near Staircase B, including increasing the overall number of study spaces.
Level 4
  • We have created a new zone in 4D23 where you will be able to microwave your own food, access hot water, and purchase hot drinks and snacks from vending machines. This will be our designated eating area for hot food within the library. We will be adding seating into the area to enable you to relax and take a break. Thanks to your feedback on social media, we will be naming this 'Library Lounge'. This space is now open, and the coffee machine will be delivered and installed soon.
  • We are opening up an entrance from E block into 4D23 that will be open during the daytime (opening times to be confirmed).
  • The Education Resources Collection has moved from Level 4 to Level 3.
  • In place of the ERC, we have added additional study spaces.
Level 5
  • We have added a water fountain.
  • We have significantly updated and improved study space and IT provision near Staircase 7, including new silent study pods with individual desk lamps.
  • We have replaced a section of carpet.

Provision for disabled students

UWE Bristol Library is committed to providing inclusive and accessible study spaces and resources. As part of our redevelopment work last year and this summer, we are ensuring that all areas have accessible desks installed and access to specialist software on the UWE Bristol IT network. By creating two new entrances to the Library, we are increasing the access to accessible toilets.

As part of the planning process, we consulted widely with all students, including disabled students, to understand requirements for specialist study areas. During our consultation, disabled students told us that they sometimes find it easier to work in a smaller, quiet room with less people around them. Here are some alternative spaces within the Library that can meet this need.

Room Use  
3D31 Assistive Technology room - bookable via myPC  
Group study rooms Level 4 has 8 bookable group study rooms suitable for a range of group sizes.  
5D7 This is a small room accessed via the main study floor with 12 study spaces with PCs. This is suitable for silent study only.  
5D19 This is a silent study room for bringing your own laptop or borrowing a library laptop.

Anyone with any specific access requirements is always welcome to contact us for support.

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