Frenchay Library summer refurbishments

We've listened to your feedback, and are pleased to announce a range of improvements to Frenchay Library. You'll be able to use our updated study spaces in the autumn semester.

Access to study spaces and IT facilities during the summer

  • Level 2 will be closed to staff and students from Monday 10 July. Access the main library from the Glendinning lecture theatre (2D67) foyer - where you can use the stairs or lift. The Library Help Desk is currently located on Level 3 at the IT Support Centre.
  • Level 3 is open.
  • Level 4 is open - however, the group study rooms on Level 4 are now closed until October. You are still able to book teaching rooms elsewhere on campus.
  • Book returns:
    • Daytime (08:30-17:00): Help Desk at Level 3 IT Support Centre
    • Out of hours: Security in Level 2 foyer outside 2D67 (Glendinning) lecture theatre, by the temporary entrance to the Library.
  • Printers are available on Levels 3 and 4.

Due to the noise of the works, we can't guarantee any silent or quiet study spaces in Frenchay Library over the summer.

Alternative study spaces will be available both in the Library and across campus, and our Librarians will be here to help you during the works.

Access to physical collections during the summer

Please borrow any books you may need from all floors before 16:00 on Friday 19 May to ensure access to texts you may need over this period.

Reservations and recalls will continue during this period for stock that is out on loan.

Book numbers or stock type Location
001 - 399 - apart from 340s (Law) which are on Level 5 This stock should remain available all summer on Level 3, apart from a few days whilst we move things around to fit in the ERC collection.
ERC The Education Resources Collection will be unavailable throughout the summer.
400 - 669 This stock will remain on level 4 and will be available apart from one week when we will run a fetch and carry service.

Further information will be available by looking up items using the library search.

‘Fetch and carry’ service

We will be providing a 'fetch and carry' service, in case you need books later in the summer. It will be clear on your Library Search results if the book you need is located on a level which is temporarily closed, and you'll be able to request that a member of staff fetches it for you.

Our staff will have access twice daily (Monday-Friday) to collect books for you. These reservations will be available for collection from the Reservations area at 11:00 and 14:00 each day. Books requested after 13:00 (Monday-Thursday) will be available to collect on the following day. Books requested after 13:00 on Fridays will be available at 11:00 on Monday morning.

If you need access to books which are not available, we will endeavour to provide access via the obtaining the material from outside of UWE Bristol for you to borrow.

Upgrades and changes

Floor  Upgrades and changes  
Level 2
  • We are creating a new entrance to the library from the Glendinning foyer, 2D67 - (opening times to be confirmed).
  • We will be removing the swipe-card controlled entrance.
  • We will be adding an improved Print Hub with quick-print PCs.
  • We are adding study spaces to this floor, with a range of different seating.
  • We are creating a training area for short 'how to' workshops.
  • We are removing the Assistive Technology area. Find out more about our provision for disabled students.
  • We are updating our help desk area.
  • We will be increasing the number of devices available for you to use to quickly book a PC.
Level 3
  • We will be adding a water fountain.
  • Relocating the Education Resources Collection (ERC) from Level 4, to Level 3 near Staircase B.
  • Improving the study spaces and IT provision near Staircase B, including increasing the overall number of study spaces.
Level 4
  • We are creating a new zone in 4D23 where you will be able to microwave your own food, access hot water, and purchase hot drinks and snacks from vending machines. This will be our designated eating area for hot food within the library. We will be adding seating into the area to enable you to relax and take a break.
  • We are opening up an entrance from E block into 4D23 that will be open during the daytime (opening times to be confirmed).
  • The ERC will be moving from Level 4 to Level 3 this summer.
  • In place of the ERC, we will be adding additional study spaces.
Level 5
  • We will be adding a water fountain.
  • We are significantly updating and improving study space and IT provision near Staircase 7.
  • We will be replacing a section of carpet.

As a result of the works, Levels 2, 4 and 5 will be closed at periods over the summer.

Provision for disabled students

UWE Bristol Library is committed to providing inclusive and accessible study spaces and resources. As part of our redevelopment work last year and this summer, we are ensuring that all areas have accessible desks installed and access to specialist software on the UWE Bristol IT network. By creating two new entrances to the Library, we are increasing the access to accessible toilets.

As part of the planning process, we consulted widely with all students, including disabled students, to understand requirements for specialist study areas. During our consultation, disabled students told us that they sometimes find it easier to work in a smaller, quiet room with less people around them. Here are some alternative spaces within the Library that can meet this need.

Room Use  
3D31 Assistive Technology room - bookable via myPC  
Group study rooms Level 4 has 8 bookable group study rooms suitable for a range of group sizes.  
5D7 This is a small room accessed via the main study floor with 12 study spaces with PCs. This is suitable for silent study only.  
5D19 This is a silent study room for bringing your own laptop or borrowing a library laptop.

Anyone with any specific access requirements is always welcome to contact us for support.

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