UWE External Access System (XA)

The following FAQs attempt to address any queries about the UWE XA service:


1. What can XA do for me?

The UWE eXternal Access (XA) service allows both staff and students to gain access to their personal drive H: and faculty shared drives S: (and also T: for staff members).

All XA users have access to internal UWE websites that are only available when on Campus.

See XA How-tos for more details


2. What do I need to do to make XA work from my PC at home?

XA System Requirements

Internet Browser:

  • If using a PC running Windows, you can use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Mac users can use either Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome is not compatible with XA nor is the Microsoft Edge Browser that comes with Windows 10

Popup Blockers:

  • If you have a program which blocks or hides pop-up windows, you may encounter problems. A pop-up window alerting you to accept the opening of the desktop may be waiting in the background behind the Internet browser. Minimise your browser window to find the alert behind it.


3. How do I access the XA service?

1. Go to https://xa.uwe.ac.uk


2. Select the appropriate group: UWE

3. Once the UWE group is selected, login with your usual UWE network username and password.

4. What is Keyfob access, what will I need to use it and how do I apply?

Certain people such as system administrators, representatives of external supplying companies or staff members require a greater level of access to systems than offered as standard by XA. For example, they may need access to business applications such as SAP or Agresso or to an individual server to carry out maintenance or administration.

If you need this access, you will need to be allocated with a keyfob which supplies single-use passwords in order to login. Keyfobs are charged for; the current cost is £100.

To obtain a keyfob you will need to complete a “FVPN – Authorisation for Secure VPN Access” form providing a cost code and signature from the appropriate head of service, department or faculty.


5. What can I do if I can't access all or any part the XA service?

See the XA Troubleshooting pages for more guidance

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