Social Science in the City events

  • Politics Cafes: What is Anarchism?


    Dr Peter Webb and Stephen Hunt (Of Bristol Radical History Group) will discuss and illustrate the main principles of Anarchism and go through why Anarchist politics may be a suitable framework for thinking about contemporary political, cultural and social issues.

  • Precarious lives in Bristol: the politics of housing


    The event will take the form of a panel of five speakers from diverse actors in Bristol's housing market, as well as leading academics conducting research on housing precarity in Bristol and beyond. We also want to encourage audience members to share their own experiences and thoughts on housing in the city.

  • Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Guide to Gender Variability


    We welcome a public lecture by Professor Jack Halberstam of Columbia Uni, NY titled 'Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Guide to Gender Variability'.

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