Education resource for nurses and health care practitioners

Professor Pam Moule and Dr Katherine Pollard in the Centre for Health and Clinical Research are working with colleagues Julie Armoogum and Simon Messer to scope, develop, pilot and evaluate an online learning resource. This resource aims to support practice nurses and other health care professionals in their continuing professional development with respect to care for men with prostate cancer.

This project, funded by Prostate Cancer UK, builds on previous funded work (Moule et al, 2012) which scoped existing educational provision, uptake and preferences across a range of healthcare professionals. Quality educational provision in the field is needed with over 250,000 men currently living with and after prostate cancer in the UK (Maddams et al, 2012). Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year (Cancer Incidence 2008-10) and it is estimated to become the most common cancer in the UK by 2030 (Mistry et al, 2011).

We will explore and identify nurses’ and healthcare professionals’ needs and requirements for a resource focused on education about prostate cancer using a questionnaire developed with service user input. The findings will be used to develop an online Virtual Patient Resource, based on UCHoose. Developed at UWE, this online application supports the authoring and delivery of computer simulations of real-life scenarios. Both specialist cancer nurses and service users and carers will be involved in the authoring process. The resource will be piloted and evaluated with participants at a Prostate Cancer UK learning event and through approaching respondents of the initial questionnaire who supplied email details.

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