Key research areas in the Centre for Research in Biosciences

Activity within the Centre for Research in Biosciences is focused on three main research directions. Researchers work closely across disciplines combining research interests and expertise.

Three of the CRIB research themes have been included in the Research Councils UK Report 2011 among the top 10 research directions which will have profound effect on our future:

  • new technologies for personalised chemotherapy
  • development of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease
  • novel technologies and biomarkers for food quality.

Biomedical research

Recent biomedical research projects have included the identification of biomarkers and the development of novel technologies for rapid diagnosis of the following conditions. 

Biomedical researchers in the Centre have particular interests in:

  • the molecular mechanisms of cancer, diabetes, ageing and age-associated conditions
  • infection and immunity
  • stem cell transplantation
  • Neurobiology.

Bio-sensing and Analytical research

Our bio-sensing technology research addresses the development of novel  technologies (bio-sensors) for a range of applications including healthcare, diagnostics, agri-food and environment. Out technologies include:

  • Electrochemical (bio)sensors
  • Novel electroactive materials for bio-sensors
  • Luminescent bacteria-based sensors
  • Vapour sensors
  • Immunomagnetic biosensors
  • 3D cell sensors 'spheroids'
  • DNA and protein markers
  • Forensic Science

Agri-Food, Plant and Environmental research

The Centre addresses contemporary challenges such as sustainable food production and pollutant remediation. Researchers in the centre have particular interests in:

  • Food quality in relation to human health
  • Plants and the environment
  • Plant pathology
  • Nutrient transport
  • Signalling pathways in plants
  • Plants and pollutants - metals, organics, radioactive and aerial pollutants
  • Phytoremediation and phytomonitoring.
  • Biological and chemical decontamination in healthcare and other environments
  • Environmental biology and ecology of fish
  • Monitoring and conservation
  • Water quality
  • Novel technologies for environmental applications
  • Ecosystem processes and global change

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