Research areas in CAR

Why we study appearance

Members of CAR expertly use a range of innovative research methods to examine and improve adults’ and young people’s experiences of appearance. CAR ’s research and consultancy focuses on two broad areas:

Visible difference (disfigurement) Body image (BI)

• Psychosocial needs of people with appearance concerns

• Factors contributing to adjustment to cleft lip and/or palate

• Interventions for children, young people and adults affected by an altered appearance due to burns, cancer treatment, or other conditions or injuries

• Decision making about breast reconstruction after mastectomy

• Eating disorder prevention and weight-related concerns

• Psychological factors motivating people to seek cosmetic surgery and expectations of outcome

• Positive body image

• Objectification

• Social and cultural influences on body image (e.g., peers, family, mass and social media)

• Evidence-based interventions to promote positive body image and acceptance of diversity in appearance in schools, community settings, media and social policy.


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