Mission of the Centre for Appearance Research


The Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) strives to make a real difference to the lives of the many hundreds of thousands of people with appearance-related concerns both in the United Kingdom and across the world.

CAR acts as a focus and centre of excellence for psychological and interdisciplinary, patient centred research in appearance, disfigurement, body image and related studies.


The key aims of CAR are:

  1. To conduct innovative research that creates and promotes knowledge and understanding about the psychosocial and cultural aspects of appearance.
  2. To consolidate and further enhance CAR's position as the leading international centre of excellence for appearance research and source of authoritative advice for researchers, policy makers, practitioners, the media, public and third sector.
  3. To relate knowledge and understanding to policy, practice, the needs of people affected by appearance concerns.
  4. To promote increased acceptance of diversity in appearance.

Centre for Appearance Research video

The video below explains more about the work that takes place at the Centre for Appearance Research:

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