About the Artificial Intelligence Group

The Artificial Intelligence group at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) is based in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies. UWE Bristol has a long history of AI research with the first publications and projects appearing in the early 1980s.

The Group carries out applied and theoretical research in a number of areas, with a strong emphasis on evolutionary computation, machine learning and interactive Artificial Intelligence.

Our key themes

Optimisation Self learning
Developing systems that can find  solutions to 'difficult' problems that cannot easily be tackled via conventional mathematical approaches. Enhancing AI systems with the open-ended ability to 'learn how to learn' to increase their scope of application and robustness to future challenges.
Machine learning and data mining Interactive artificial intelligence
Developing systems that can discover patterns in data, that can then be used to classify artefacts such as images, or control complex multi-agent systems. Developing the interfaces and algorithms needed to create a human-machine dialogue via which humans and AI-based systems can learn from each other to mutually accomplish a range of tasks.

To accomplish these themes we work closely with leading researchers from fields such as unconventional computing, mathematics, psychology, human-computer interaction and machine vision. Please see a  list of our current projects, and some of our other recently completed projects.

We believe strongly that our research should benefit not just academics but industry, learners, and the wider community. Our strategy is therefore to conduct research that spans a range of timescales – from 'blue skies' fundamental research, through developing new solutions to problems in collaboration with commercial and governmental partners, through to the application of existing techniques in knowledge transfer and teaching activities.

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