Designing for digital learners (D4DL)

Designing For Digital Learners D4DL

Designing for digital learners (D4DL) investigates the application of technology enhanced learning (TEL) to support learning.

The nature of learning is being enhanced and mediated by mobile devices, networks and the media.

Consequently, we need to re-examine the design and research of learning experiences that incorporate TEL.

Research principles

Our research is focused around six principles for thinking about the use of social media and mobile devices for social justice and learning.

Read about the six principles. Discover more about principle five.

Research approaches

We follow an 'educational design research' methodological approach, which is process oriented and contributes to theory building.

We take a pedagogical approach to investigating learning. Mediated by digital media, across a variety of contexts (further and higher education, schools and the work place).

Digital media includes:

  • augmented reality
  • location based services
  • mobile devices
  • social media.

See our D4DL projects

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