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Primary and Early Years Initial Teacher Education

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Why train to teach at UWE?

Teaching children of early years and primary age is rewarding and challenging. At UWE our aim is to produce teachers who are creative, resourceful, reflective, and professionally grounded. We give you the skills to succeed in contemporary classrooms and the capacity to innovate and lead when circumstances change.

Ofsted judged our Primary ITE provision as good, with many excellent features noting the high quality of our University-based training in preparing trainees to teach reading, English and mathematics and the new primary curriculum really well, and in linking educational theory and research with trainees’ practical experiences. They highlighted as a key strength, 'Trainees commitment, enthusiasm and high levels of professionalism, which motivates them to become good-quality teachers.' (source: Ofsted Report December 2013)

What's unique about our courses?

  • Strong partnerships with schools support our programmes.
  • Our trainees are highly sought after in the workplace: 87 per cent of our undergraduate teacher trainees gained employment in the teaching profession.
  • Placements in schools and nursery settings range  from inner city schools to rural primaries to equip you as an NQT.
  • We offer a child-centred approach. For example, in teaching behaviour management we look at why a child behaves in a certain way and then how to overcome barriers to learning.
  • We have highly skilled, research-active lecturers and specialist workshop facilities with technicians to support you. Quality teaching rooms.
  • Innovative teaching - in how we teach reading, how we encourage children's mathematical thinking and the way learning is used across the curriculum to bring children's learning to life. 
  • We produce teachers who are effective communicators with children and understand how talk is used in the classroom.
  • We encourage enquiry based learning in science and beyond.
  • We educate not just train. We encourage trainee teachers to become 'reflective practitioners' who constantly learn and question, and develop their professional practice.

Find out more about our undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses.

How we prepare you to teach

Find out about the different ways we support you throughout your time here with us.                       

How we teach children to read

Learn more about our commitment to helping our students and partners develop the teaching of reading.

Placement opportunities

Gaining experience in relevant settings is a key part of how you will grow and develop your confidence and skills here with us.

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