Transcript - Putting learning into practice

Laila (business): doing a placement really did help me to associate theory to practice.

John (marketing): so when I go back for my final year I can put applied knowledge towards things like my dissertation and my modules.

Tom and Ben (business): I've taken so much out of my placement and the responsibility that you are given, regardless of what business you're in and in what role, it becomes real life.

Charlotte and Mary (marketing): the pressure of actually doing the job and having people rely on you, and having to work in a structure.

Tom and Ben: the range of experience that we've got was fantastic, you're just doing everything, and this is the whole reason why you would get involved in business studies - because you want to learn about everything.

Emily (business): I was given lots of opportunities to get involved in anything I wanted to and take my placement where I wanted it to go.

John Williams (director of sofa project): (about John) Johns made a tremendous impact here it's been a great success from our point of view. He's brought many good assets and attributes to the Sofa Project.

Margaret James (head of business performance and change for Augusta-Westland): What we get also is the opportunity to feed back into the educational system what industry needs.

Dorothy James (placements manager): We offer a whole range of support activities such as CV checking, a series of workshops, interview practice etc. our role is to support both students and employers when they are on placements, students who have done placements typically start off on higher salaries, get better degree classifications.

Tom and Ben: the best thing that I got out of my placement year was obviously the responsibility that I held, and the team were fantastic - and also a job at the end of it.

John Williams: I'm already keeping him on for one more year on a part time capacity.

Charlotte and Mary: My Company has said if I want to come back then they'll have a job for me.

Tom and Ben: Someone's offered me a job at the end of university so ultimately I can't ask for much more than that and it's given me a good experience.

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