Transcript - Equipping you for business

Students and staff talk about the range of personal, social and employability skills developed through the courses.

Andrew, Senior Lecturer: Economics is good for a career path, it obviously offers things like banking and finance, obvious things, but employers see somebody with an economics degree and they think, this person can think, they've got certain skills and that really opens up things for people with economics degrees.

Lois, Senior lecturer: We want our students to have a good grasp of economics knowledge as well as life skills that will help them get a good job

Peter, Economics: The skill base which I have acquired at UWE is huge…

Mansur, Economics: I have learned interpersonal skills such as listening, and communicating, writing skills and computer skills…

Manal, International Business Economics: …you learn to manage your time you have to manage time you've got assignments, you've got deadlines, you've got lectures, so you learn to juggle everything together.

Charlotte, Economics: Time management I have learnt a lot about

Peter: When I came here I wasn't very confident about talking to people, my IT skills were ok but have been nicely refined and actually specialised into skills I can take to a business and say look I can do this and here is evidence to show it.

Charlotte: The careers department is brilliant, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I was trying to decide between getting a job, Masters and everything and they helped me decide which Masters I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and which job directions I had afterwards.

Mansur: The careers dept has vast resources that will help students and cater for students needs in any way regarding career prospects.

Peter: I've written a CV and I've wanted it checked, they've got such great services there. I've done it a couple of times first time I did face to face and we scribbled all over my CV, second time all I had to do was email my CV and they emailed it back within a couple of hours saying 'these are the changes we'd recommend' which was brilliant.

Richard, Associate Dean: We introduced placements onto the Economics awards a couple of years ago. The placements they undertake are many and varied but really it is down to the students to choose from a huge range of placement opportunities, which ones they would like to undertake and then we give them a hand in gaining access to those placements.

Peter: For my placement year I went and worked with HMRC revenue and customs… and the work element was so varied that I didn't know what I was going to do from day to day and it was very exciting.

Peter: to have a year's experience in the work place in a business related to what you might be applying for is invaluable.

Manal: When I started wasn't really one hundred per cent where I wanted to go, but obviously it has given me a lot of structure having studied economics and gone through the whole process of being at university. I have met a diverse range of people which hopefully I will be friends with for a long time as well.

Charlotte: I have really developed confidence in myself in written work and in spoken presentation as well.

Liam, Business and Economics: …think about both sides of any argument any proposition, weigh it up a lot better.

Manal: it's definitely given me a much wider prospect about what I can do - what's available to me because of how much economics does cover.

Peter: What I have gained by being here is that sense of confidence in myself the sense of confidence that I can go and find a job but not just find a job I can go out there and I can get what I want I can meet new people I can meet new friends from all over the place.

Richard, Associate Dean: We are really proud of the various routes the students take and we are really pleased that they stay in touch with us for such a long time.

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