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Matt Parsons

Matt graduated with a degree in Business Studies in 2004 and got his first job working for premium drinks company Diageo. He was in charge of taking two old London Routemaster buses to every music festival in the UK, selling Pimms on the bottom deck and hosting guests on the top deck. Matt enjoyed some fantastic sun and music-drenched summers, but remained focussed throughout: “I kept my eye on the ball and got as much experience in sales, marketing and operations as I could. I then secured a position as Sponsorship and Events Manager”. Looking back, he realises that this and his passion for football is “what gave me the confidence to make the next step”.

Beating the competition

When Matt first saw his job advertised in Marketing Week, he was told by the recruiter that they had already received over 800 applicants. Not deterred by the enormity of the competition, Matt modestly reflects that "getting the job wasn’t easy". He did his research, held his nerve and triumphed after a lengthy four-stage interview process.

Unforgettable experiences

Matt has left his trusty Routemaster buses behind now and is jet-setting all over the world with the Arsenal team. He has just got back from a tour of Asia where he organised events that enabled fans to meet some of their heroes. He was even there when the now infamous 'running man' followed the team bus for 10K to stay as close to the players for as long as possible! With over three million hits on YouTube alone the running man has become a global superstar in his own right.

Back home, Matt also loves creating unforgettable experiences for fans and regularly arranges for past players to chat to fans during the half-time show.  He also works closely with the Arsenal Foundation, raising “incredible sums of money” to support “inspirational fans who have overcome major adversity.”

It all started in Bristol

Matt has been a football fan all his life. During his time at UWE Bristol, he played five-a side with a group of friends known as the ‘Real Stallianos’. “After playing every Thursday night, we’d head to student night at The Rock thinking we were superstars.” It’s all a world away now, but Matt says his time at UWE Bristol gave him the confidence to pursue a career in football and follow his real passion in life at the same time.

Originally from Bristol, Matt is a Bristol City fan but says that he is “now also proud to call himself an Arsenal fan". He’d love to see Bristol City play Arsenal in the FA Cup final one day!

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