Wallscourt Park accommodation

Wallscourt Park residences

We’re adding more student accommodation at Frenchay so that more of our first-year students can live on campus if they want to.

An additional 1,200 further bed spaces are being added overall, with new buildings providing a wider and more varied choice of accommodation at lower rents than in our existing Student Village. The new accommodation development is located adjacent to the Wallscourt Farmhouse. Read more about our Wallscourt Park accommodation.

Project progress

First phase

In the first phase, we added just over 400 student bedrooms in a shared townhouse style, with each unit accommodating up to 12 students with shared bathrooms. Construction began in January 2014. The feedback from the first 164 students who moved into the townhouses was overwhelmingly positive.

Second phase

The second phase of Wallscourt Park will comprise 561 rooms in four, five and six storey buildings designed to complement neighbouring blocks. There will also be a small number of studio flats within this development. The £23 million build will run from January 2016 and is scheduled to be complete by Easter 2017.

Further residential developments

This project is the second in a three-phase development which will eventually provide around 1,200 bed spaces on Frenchay Campus and is part of our new campus project.

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