Car park policy enforcement and appeals

Parking Enforcement operations within University managed car parks are undertaken in accordance with current legislation.

All appeals against parking charge notices must be submitted in writing within 28 days from the date of the occurrence.

Parking charge notices must be paid within 28 days or your permission to park on campus may be revoked.

Enforcement details

The University reserves the right to issue a parking charge notice or to take whatever steps it sees fit to address any vehicle that is parked in contravention of the UWE Bristol parking policy and/or is believed to be abandoned and/or is deemed to be causing obstruction, nuisance and/or danger.

Vehicles will be deemed to have infringed parking policy if they are:

  • not parked in a designated car park or parking bay
  • left unattended in any area other than a designated car park
  • not displaying a valid parking permit, ticket or token
  • a student vehicle parked in a car park marked for restricted use
  • a student vehicle owned or used by an ineligible/unregistered student parked on Frenchay Campus without permission to park.
  • not displaying either a recognised mobility blue badge or UWE Bristol accessible parking badge within an accessible parking bay
  • displaying either a recognised mobility blue badge or UWE Bristol accessible parking permit if you are not the registered holder
  • parked overnight without authorisation
  • parked in a hatched area, loading bay or on a verge, footpath, double yellow lines
  • parked causing obstruction to University property or another person's vehicle
  • parked in a dedicated electric charging bay in a vehicle which is not a plug-in electric vehicle (EV)
  • parked in a space marked with 2+ signs without having a passenger in the vehicle at the time it is parked
  • parked in a parent and child bay without a child under the age of five present on arrival or departure.
  • parking within a time-restricted area for greater than the advertised time limit
  • parking in any UWE Bristol-managed area that at the absolute discretion of the University is considered to be causing risk, nuisance, damage or danger to other drivers, the University or its property.

Please note: Drop off/collection points are provided for the drop off and collection of passengers only; any unattended vehicles will be deemed to be parked and will be subject to enforcement action (see below).

The parking charge notice must be paid within 28 calendar days (unless you are awaiting the decision of an appeal). Following this period and until all outstanding parking charge notices are paid the vehicle that the notice was applied to will no longer be authorised on university land, the vehicle will be placed on the unpaid charges log and will be subject to further enforcement action.

Payment may be submitted online or by post to the address opposite by cheque or postal order. Please include full details of the vehicle registration, and date of the charge when paying by post. A receipt will only be sent if a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.

The university reserves the right to contact the DVLA to obtain the registered keepers details of any vehicles parked on university property.

Current parking notice charges:

  • Parking Charge Notice £40 reduced to £20 if payment is received within 14 calendar days.
  • Any surplus revenue from parking charges is reinvested into UWE Bristol's sustainable Travel Plan.

Appeal details

Staff at the transport desk and within the transport office will not be able to assist in overturning parking enforcement action taken and cannot arrange for payments to be waived or vehicle release prior to an appeal being investigated.

If you wish to make an appeal against a parking charge notice you should submit your case in, writing or by completing the UWE Bristol Parking Charge Appeals form and sending it by e-mail or by post to Car Parking Appeals, University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY, within 28 days from the date of issue. If the decision is to accept the appeal the charge will be refunded.

On receipt of your appeal the appeals department will commence investigations. The appeals administrator will usually provide a full written response to your appeal within 14 working days of receipt. Where it will not be possible to provide a response within that timescale you will be notified of the reasons for the delay within that timescale and provided with an estimated date for response. Appeals not submitted on the UWE Bristol Parking Charge Appeals form may result in your appeal being rejected and you being notified that the appeal will need to be resubmitted.

Authorisation to park in all university managed car parks may be withdrawn for any vehicles with outstanding parking charge notices older than 28 days (unless there is an outstanding appeal).

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