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UWE Fairtrade policy and progress


To achieve Fairtrade University status, in 2006 the UWE Bristol authorities and The Students' Union (SU) together agreed a Fairtrade policy incorporating these five goals:

  • Fairtrade foods are made available and actively marketed for sale in all campus shops.
  • Fairtrade foods are used in all cafes/restaurants/bars on all campuses. Where this is not possible, there is a commitment to begin to use Fairtrade foods in these establishments as soon as it becomes possible to do so. We also work hard to source ethical suppliers.
  • Fairtrade coffee, tea, and sugar are sold at all catering outlets and served at all meetings hosted by us and The Students' Union.
  • There is a commitment to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption on campus.
  • Co-ordinate a joint UWE Bristol/Students' Union Fairtrade supporters group to progress the agenda year on year.

We achieved these goals and were first granted the status of Fairtrade University in April 2006. In view of our ongoing progress, this status has since been renewed on a biannual basis.


Commitment to Fairtrade from staff and students has grown over the years, witnessed by:

  • More products stocked, which increased sales.
  • Innovative promotion and greater engagement in issues.
  • A commitment in our Sustainability Plan 2020 breakthrough indicator to grow sales by 25 per cent (already met at April 2016 and to be reviewed again this year).
  • Resolutions from The Students' Union AGM (annual general meeting) to increase Fairtrade products on campus.

Our efforts have achieved external recognition at the South West Fairtrade awards, where we are regular winners of gold awards in many categories, In 2015, our Full of Beans coffee cart was an outright winner and in the ‘Café or restaurant’ category.

Contact the Sustainability team or The Students' Union Green Team if you have any queries.

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