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We support students in severe financial difficulty by awarding hardship bursaries throughout the year.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a way of providing financial assistance to students who are facing severe financial difficulties and is not awarded on the basis of academic performance.

As government funding for universities significantly decreases, it is more important than ever that we offer bursaries to make sure money worries never deter a capable and passionate student from applying to UWE Bristol.

Why your support is important

Requests for bursaries increase year on year and last year alone, we received over 1,900 requests from first year undergraduates for support. We were able to help 57 per cent of those students and, with your continued support, we could help a whole lot more.

How your support helps

Your support gives more students the opportunity to continue with their studies and realise their potential, regardless of background or circumstance. Many of the students we help are care leavers, disabled students, carers themselves, single parents, or simply facing unforeseen financial difficulties. 

"My Better Together Fund bursary has enabled me to turn my life around. I had already worked and studied hard in night schools for numerous years prior to my accident. My accident had almost wiped out all those years of study and I needed to turn that around again. The bursary will mean that I can afford to go on and do a barrister course, which was in my original career plan. Thank you so much for providing this support and for helping me to turn my life around and make it a better one for the future."
Anita Dibble, part-time CPE Postgraduate student

Current bursaries

St Matthias Bursaries

The St Matts bursaries were created to help us ensure that students studying arts, teaching and humanities subjects are reaching their potential regardless of background or circumstance.

To date, nine students have benefited. One of the students, Emma Barnard, who underwent major surgery and graduated with a BA in Primary Education in 2015, was awarded a St Matts Bursary to help her with the costs of travelling to her placement at a primary school and buying resources for her course such as books. Emma said of the bursary  “I really appreciated this help, as tuition fees rise, it is reassuring that students from low income backgrounds won’t be deterred from attending university due to financial circumstances”.

The bursary aims to help students continue their studies and to realise their potential. By donating to this area, you are helping us to ensure that humanities continue to flourish at the University. So far, a fantastic £2,973 has been raised for the bursaries, which will really make a difference.

Bristol Commonwealth Society bursary 

The Bristol Commonwealth Society helps students from Commonwealth countries with the costs of their studies. They have generously helped four of our students, Gloria Kubajo, Florence Okowa, Deborah Dane Osim-Asu and Hellen Seru, with the costs of their course.

Hardship bursary

The Hardship bursary is typically between £500 - £1,500 per year and is funded from donations from alumni, staff and friends. Bursaries are awarded to students facing severe financial difficulties, to help them continue their studies and make the most of academic opportunities at UWE Bristol.

We always have more students needing help than we can assist. Make a donation today to make a positive impact on a student's life.

Named bursaries

A bursary can be named after a donor or a person you would like to commemorate. If you would like to set up a particular bursary, we would be delighted to talk to you. Please contact to discuss.

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