UWE Bristol student enjoying a lesson.

UWE Bristol Learning and Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Celebrating teaching excellence

We are proud of our teaching staff. We fund continuous professional development to support their teaching. And we recognise dedication and teaching excellence through our Learning and Teaching Fellowship Scheme (LTFS). This helps us provide first-class learning for students while developing a dynamic community that is focussed on driving our teaching and innovation forwards.

Promoting student learning

The UWE Bristol LTFS is designed to help staff boost the learning experience for all of our students through discovering, developing and sharing new approaches towards teaching.

Innovative teaching approaches

The scheme is open to staff who are already pioneering contemporary techniques in their teaching. They could be adopting and promoting new learning technologies, research areas or pedagogical theories. And they are likely to be supporting colleagues to enhance their teaching using these approaches.

Investing in innovation

Once awarded the title of Fellow or Associate Fellow, staff members receive high profile development to support their career. This is focused on helping them further improve learning for UWE Bristol students through curriculum development, research and scholarships.

A community of learning

As part of our community of Fellows and Associate Fellows, staff work together to raise the profile of excellence in learning internally. This involves promoting and sharing best practice, supporting colleagues, and influencing support for student learning both internally and beyond.

Find out more about the UWE Learning and Teaching Fellowship Scheme (a UWE Login may be needed).

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