Audition resources – Zorro

Resources for the company and principal auditions of Zorro are available below. Please note: you need to read the audition instructions carefully.

Company – in groups of four

For the company audition you will need to learn Bamboleo, which is the company song and dance:

And perform juggling, a simple circus skill or a magic trick. The emphasis is on your presentation, not your level of skill.

Principals – individually

For the principal audition, you will need to read the two libretto extracts and sing the song extract. It would be ideal if you could perform the libretto extracts form memory, but the song does not need to be done from memory.

Females will read the parts of Luisa and Inez:

And sing The Man Behind the Mask and/or Djobi Djoba:

Males will read the parts of Diego and Zorro (please note: two contrasting voices need to be used. Diego is foppish and dilettante, while Zorro is strong, heroic and forceful):

And will sing Hope and/or One More Beer:

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