Student records and assessments

Introduction to the Student Administration Team (SAT)

The central Student Administration Team (SAT) is comprised of six staff teams, including four faculty-facing teams, each of which deals with student records and programme administration, including assessments, for their faculty.  

Areas of responsibility

The faculty SAT teams are responsible for the following areas:

  • Registration
  • Induction
  • Module choice and enrolment
  • Accredited learning (AL/AEL)
  • Changes to the student record (withdrawals and transfers)  
  • Blackboard attachments
  • Coursework submission
  • Coursework return service
  • Assessments
  • Production of exam papers
  • Administration of Extenuating Circumstances
  • Administration of Assessment offences
  • Examining boards
  • Online assessment (Policy and Guidance )

Faculty contacts

For enquiries relating to any of these areas, please contact the relevant team:

Partnerships team

In addition, there is a Partnerships team that looks after programmes and students at our UK, International and Federation partner institutions. For enquiries relating to Partnership student and programme administration, please e-mail

Student Information Request Team (SIRT)

The Student Information Request Team (SIRT) deal primarily with alumni, and are responsible for the following areas:

Academic status letters

  • Student status letters and verifications
  • Schengen visa letters

Reference requests

  • Academic verifications
  • Academic references


  • Council Tax certificates
  • HEAR
  • GDP
  • CPD

Information requests

  • Programme and Module specifications

For SIRT enquiries please e-mail

For Certificate enquiries please e-mail

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