Lady picking fruit from tree

What you can do

There are many ways to support Fairtrade.

 A few examples are:

  • ask for a Fairtrade option when you fancy a juice, cereal, chocolate bar, or cookie in our cafes and bars
  • support our Fairtrade award winning stall - the Coffee Cart in the Hub on Frenchay Campus
  • look out for over 100 Fairtrade items on sale in The Students' Union shop, including fleeces and shorts, hand cream, lip balm, chocolate, and biscuits
  • look out for Fairtrade products at the supermarket – more are being added including wine, rice, honey and muesli, as well as fruits and beverages
  • wear it with pride. A wide range of stylish Fairtrade clothes, accessories, and jewellery are now available
  • look out for events and promotions, both on and off campus, during Fairtrade fortnight in March and throughout the year
  • volunteer for events and activities at UWE Bristol and in the Bristol area - email
  • find out more by visiting the Fairtrade Foundation website
  • get passionate about it - spread the word to friends and colleagues.

Contact the Sustainability team or The Students' Union Green Team if you have any queries.

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