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Carbon, energy and water - data

Find statistics on our campus and building energy and water use, display energy certificates, and access to more detailed consumption data.

Information listed below includes:

  • Annual electricity, gas and water data for all sites
  • Annual carbon data for all sites
  • Comparison of residential and non-residential consumption
  • Annual solar photovoltaic output
  • Real-time energy and water data
  • Half-hourly data for analysis
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • Floor area of buildings (on the DECs)

Annual data

Data relating to campus energy, gas, water consumption, and carbon emissions can be found here. Where available, it is provided year on year. The residential/non-residential split is also shown.

Annual carbon data

2014 - 15 Carbon – Annual Summary May 2016

2015 - 16 Carbon - Annual Summary Feb 2017

Annual electricity and gas consumption data

2014 - 15 Energy kWh – Annual Summary May 2016

2015 - 16 Energy kWh - Annual Summary Feb 2017

Annual water consumption data

2014 - 15 Water – Annual Summary May 2016

2015 - 16 Water - Annual Summary Feb 2017

Solar electric PV output

See renewable energy strategy.

Real-time data

We have a number of meters and sub-meters connected to a new on-line dashboard - MeterWeb2. This will be available for everyone to use. This will be used to see what your building is using today, compared to a previous time period.

Half-hourly data

If you require more detailed data for academic purposes, access to our automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) software can be arranged. This can be used to analyse real-time half-hourly data gathered from meters and sub-meters across the sites. This data can be used to understand energy and water consumption patterns, and identify possible wastage.

Download our list of AMR meters that we can access half-hourly data for. Plans are underway to roll this out further. If you would like access to this data, please contact your lecturer as they may already have log in details they can give you.  If they do not have access, please email the Energy Team at

Display Energy Certificates

To view a display energy certificate, look up the certificate on the Department for Communities and Local Government website, using the postcode from the list below.






Blocks: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, R2, S, T,
U, X

BS16 1QY

  Centre for Sport, Centre for Performing Arts, Community Hub,
ECC, Felixstowe Court, Mallard House, Library, Nursery,
Refectory (One Zone), Wallscourt Farmhouse and gym

BS16 1QY

  Carroll Court 23/24 surgery &
SPS (student professional services)

BS16 1US


Student Village Brecon Blocks 1 to 7

BS16 1ZG


Student Village Cotswold Blocks 1 to 6

BS16 1ZH


Student Village Mendip Blocks 1 to 5

BS16 1ZL


Student Village Quantock Blocks 1 to 6

BS16 1ZP


Main buildings, Students’ Union and Museum

BS16 1DD

City Campus

Bower Ashton Studios: Blocks A, B, C, G, D, F



Spike Island


Business Park

Building 640

BS16 1EJ

Emersons Green

Printing and Stationery

BS16 7FF

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