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Working papers 2003 to present


Seafood and climate change
by Eleni Papathanasopoulou

Frameworks, principles and accreditation in modern data management
by Felix Ritchie and Elizabeth Green








Global economic crisis and corruption experience: Evidence from transition economies
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Timothy Hinks

A two-state Markov-switching distinctive conditional variance application for tanker freight returns
by Wessam Abouarghoub, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells

Measuring the level of risk exposure in tanker shipping freight markets
by Wessam Abouarghoub and Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal

'Modelling the sectoral allocation of labour in open economy models'
by Laura Povoledo

The US Fed and the Bank of England: Ownership, structure and ‘independence’
by Peter Howells

Cross-hauling and regional input-output tables: the case of the province of Hubei, China
by Anthony T. Flegg, Yongming Huang and Timo Tohmo

Temporary employment, job satisfaction and subjective well-being
by Chris Dawson and Michail Veliziotis

Risk-taking and monetary policy before the crisis: the case of Germany
by Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal

What determines students' choices of elective modules?
by Mary R Hedges, Gail A Pacheco and Don J Webber

How should economics curricula be evaluated?
by Andrew Mearman

Temporary employment and wellbeing: Selection or causal?
by Chris Dawson, Don J Webber and Ben Hopkins

Trade Unions and unpaid overtime in Britain
by Michail Veliziotis

Why do students study economics?
by Andrew Mearman, Aspasia Papa and Don J. Webber

Estimating regional input coefficients and multipliers: the use of the FLQ is not a gamble
by Anthony T. Flegg and Timo Tohmo

Liquidity and credit risks in the UK’s financial crisis: how QE changed the relationship
by Woon Wong, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Wanru Yao and Peter Howells


The impact of the quality of the work environment on employees’ intention to quit
by Ray Markey, Katherine Ravenswood and Don J. Webber

The changing influence of culture on job satisfaction across Europe: 1981-2008
by Gail Pacheco, De Wet van der Westhuizen and Don J. Webber

Understanding student attendance in Business Schools: An exploratory study
by Andrew Mearman, Don J. Webber, Artjoms Ivlevs, Tanzila Rahman and Gail Pacheco

What is a manufacturing job?
by Felix Ritchie, Andrew D. Thomas, and Richard Welpton

Rethinking economics: Logical gaps – empirical to the real world
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Logical gaps – theory to empirical
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Economics as a toolkit
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Downs with traction
by Stuart Birks

Rethinking economics: Theory as rhetoric
by Stuart Birks

An economics angle on the law
by Stuart Birks

Temporary versus permanent employment: Does health matter?
by Gail Pacheco, Dominic Page and Don J. Webber

Issues in the measurement of low pay: 2010
by Suzanne Fry and Felix Ritchie

Output-based disclosure control for regressions
by Felix Ritchie

Sample selection and bribing behaviour
by Timothy Hinks and Artjoms Ivlevs

Internet shopping and Internet banking in sequence
by Athanasios G. Patsiotis, Tim Hughes and Don J Webber

Mental and physical health: Reconceptualising the relationship with employment propensity
by Gail Pacheco, Dom Page and Don J Webber

Using student evaluations to improve individual and department teaching qualities
by Mary R Hedges and Don J Webber

The effects of the 2004 Minority Education Reform on pupils' performance in Latvia
by Artjoms Ivļevs and M. King, Østfo

Pluralist economics curricula: do they work; and how would we know?
by Andrew Mearman

Fractionalization and Well-Being: Evidence from a new South African data set
by Timothy Hinks

The role of structural change in European regional productivity growth
by Eoin O’Leary and Don J. Webber



Smoking Behaviour and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from the UK Smoking Ban
by Timothy Hinks and Andreas Katsaros and Andreas Katsaros

From immigrants to (non-)citizens: Political economy of naturalizations in Latvia
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King 

Recent Developments in Monetary Policy
by Peter Howells and Iris Biefang Frisancho-Mariscal

Interest rate pass-through and risk
by Iris Biefang Frisancho-Mariscal and Peter Howells

Money demand stability: A case study of Nigeria
by Saten Kumar and Don J. Webber and Scott Fargher

Participatory decision making and job satisfaction
co-authored by Gail Pacheco and Don Webber

The effects of privatisation and FDI on economic growth in Argentina
by Rania Ihab Naguib

Assessing the Effects of Military Expenditure on Growth
by Giorgio d'Agostino and Luca Pieroni and J Paul Dunne

On the Cost of Violence and the Benefits of Peace
by Jurgen Brauer and J Paul Dunne

Culture, participative decision making and job satisfaction
by De Wet van der Westhuizen and Gail Pacheco and Don J. Webber

Grade surprise and choice at 16
by Don J. Webber

Getting people out of unemployment: A spatial perspective across Auckland
by Don J. Webber and Gail Pacheco

Military Expenditure and Granger Causality: A Critical Review
by J Paul Dunne and Ron P. Smith

What is this thing called ‘heterodox economics’?
by Andrew Mearman

Regional Input-Output Tables and the FLQ Formula: A Case Study of Finland (revised)
by Tony Flegg and T. Tohmo

Sub-national vulnerability measures:A spatial perspective
by Don J. Webber and Stephanié Rossouw

Macroeconomics and Violence
by Jurgen Brauer and J Paul Dunne

Kosovo - winning its independence but losing its people? Recent evidence on emigration intentions and preparedness to migrate
by Artjoms Ivlevs and Roswitha M. King

The Demand for Military Spending in Egypt
by Aamer S. Abu-Qarn and J Paul Dunne and Yasmine M. Abdelfattah and Shadwa Zaher


Real wages, inflation and labour productivity in Australia
by Saten Kumar, Don J. Webber and Geoff Perry

Estimating the effect of state dependence in work-related training participation among British employees
by Panos Sousounis

The Impact of Work-Related Training on Employee Earnings: Evidence from Great Britain
by Panos Sousounis

Persistence in the determination of work-related training participation: evidence from the BHPS, 1991-1997
by Panos Sousounis, Robin Bladen-Hovell

Wagner’s Law Revisited: Cointegration and Causality tests for New Zealand
by Saten Kumar, Don Webber and Scott Fargher

Does pluralism in economics education make better educated, happier students? A qualitative analysis
by Andrew Mearman, Tim Wakeley, Gamila Shoib and Don Webber

Who do heterodox economists think they are?
by Andrew Mearman

Students’ perceptions of economics: Identifying demand for further study
by Don J. Webber and Andrew Mearman

Microeconomic foundations of geographical variations in labour productivity
by Don J. Webber and Michael Horswell

Winners and Losers: Spatial variations in labour productivity in England and Wales
by Don J. Webber and Michael Horswell

Testing the validity of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle for Australia
by Saten Kumar, Scott Fargher and Don J. Webber

Arms Trade Offsets: What do We Know?
by Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne

Credit Ratings and UK Defined Benefit Pension Fund Portfolio Values
by Martin Sullivan

Independent Central Banks: Some theoretical and empirical problems
by Peter Howells

The Military Industrial Complex
by J Paul Dunne, Elisabeth Sköns

The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors: Theory and Evidence
by Laura Povoledo

Banking Sector Performance in Latin America: Market Power versus Efficiency
by Georgios E. Chortareas, Jesus G. Garza-Garcia, Claudia Girardone

The Money Supply in Macroeconomics
by Peter Howells

Optimal Military Spending in the US: A Time Series Analysis
by d.Agostino G., Dunne J. P., Pieroni L.

Defence Spending and Development
by J Paul Dunne and Mehmet Uye

Determining Military Expenditures: Arms Races and Spill-Over Effects in Cross-Section and Panel Data
by J Paul Dunne, Sam Perlo-Freeman and Ron P Smith







Global Finance working paper series - 2009 to 2013

Paper Number




Banking Sector Performance in Latin America: Market Power versus Efficiency

Georgios E. Chortareas,
Jesus G. Garza-García and Claudia Girardone


Financial Crises: A Culture of Complacency

Jon Tucker


The Adoption of Downsizing During The Asian Economic Crisis

Kamel Mellahi and Cherif Guermat


UK IPOs: Long Run Returns, Behavioural Timing and Pseudo Timing

Alan Gregory,
Cherif Guermat and Fawaz Al-Shawawreh


Independent Central Banks: some theoretical and empirical problems?

Peter Howells


Crying Fowl: Stakeholder Activism and Corporate Annual General Meetings

Nic Apostolides


Credit Ratings and UK Defined Benefit Pension Fund Portfolio Values

Martin Sullivan


A net beta test of asset pricing models

Cherif Guermat and Mark C. Freeman


Market Structure, Profits, and Spreads in the Mexican Banking Industry

Georgios E. Chortareas,
Jesus G. Garza-García and Claudia Girardone


Trade Credit as Short-Term Finance in the UK

Salima Paul and Cherif Guermat


Income and Transactions Velocities in the UK

Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells


Measuring Shipping Tanker Freight Risk

Wessam Abouarghoub


International Determinants of Stock Market Performance in China: A Cointegration Approach

Jesus G. Garza-García andY. Yue


The Role of Accruals and Cash Flows in Explaining UK Stock Returns and the Impact of Auditor Quality

M.A. Clatworthy, C.K.M. Pong andW.K. Wong

05/10 Who Influences Latin American Stock Market Returns? China versus USA Jesus G. Garza-Garcíaand M.E. Vera-Juárez
06/10 Returns to UK “value” investment strategies: Evidence from an inflation-adjusted Ohlson model W. SalehandJ.Tucker
07/10 Interest rate pass-through and risk Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells
01/11 Recent Developments in Monetary Policy Peter Howells and Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal
02/11 Using a Simplified Miles-Ezzell Framework to Value Equity David Bence
03/11 Determinants of Bank Performance in Mexico: Efficiency or Market Power Jesus.G. Garza-García
04/11 The Credit Risk Premium in a Disaster-Prone World Yanhui Zhu and Laurence Copeland
05/11 The effect of monetary policy on investors’ risk perception: Evidence from the UK and Germany Dan Luo, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal and Peter Howells
06/11 J.G. Garza-Garcia
07/11 Measuring the Policymaker’s Credibility: The Bank of England in 'nice' and 'not-so-nice' times Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Woon Wong and Peter Howells
01/12 The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors Laura Povoledo
02/12 The Use of Financial Information by Capital Providers Jon Tucker, Ufuk Ismail Misirlioglu, Eleimon Gonis and Osman Yukselturk
03/12 The Relationship between Bank Competition and Financial Stability: A Case Study of the Mexican Banking Industry Raúl Osvaldo Fernández and Jesús G. Garza-Garcíab
04/12 Modelling the Sectoral Allocation of Labour in Open Economy Models Laura Povoledo
05/12 Short-run reaction to news announcements: UK evidence Jon Tucker, Cherif Guermat and Santhita Prasert
01/13 The Volatility of the Tradeable and Nontradeable Sectors: Theory and Evidence Laura Povoledo
02/13 Liquidity and Credit Risks in the UK’s Financial Crisis: How QE changed the Relationship Woon Wong, Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Wanru Yao and Peter Howells
03/13 A Review of Banking Sector Reforms in Transition Economies Kobil Ruziev and Sheila C. Dow

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