Zara - PhD Social Science

Studied: Phd Social Science

Tech entrepreneur tackling gender inequality in the workplace.

Zara Nanu

Dr Zara Nanu is the co-founder and CEO of Gapsquare, a data science company which aims to close the global gender paygap.

Zara established her company in 2015, with a passion for improving workplace productivity, profit and empowerment through diversity and inclusion. Inspired from years spent working for women’s charities in Moldova, New York and the UK, she identified an opportunity to use technology to break down gender bias in the workforce.

Using entrepreneurial initiative, she combined her values of social change with science technology to address the root economic causes of gender inequality.

The World Economic Forum came out and said it was going to take 217 years for the global gender pay gap to close! We thought that this was too long, so we started thinking about the way that technology is disrupting the way we work, the way we travel and the way we communicate so why not use disruptive technology to tackle inequality?

By using machine learning to analyse a company’s gender pay gap, Gapsquare is paving the way for inclusivity in the global tech scene.

Gapsquare counts organisations such as Vodafone, Conde Nast and Serco among its clients, and its software has analysed the wages of more than 270,000 employees in the UK.

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