Xavier Baker - UWE Bristol graduate

Law graduate Xavier was involved with Equity from the start.

“Learning about myself and what I’m capable of.”

“I loved the format of Equity – it was great. A coach (Mena) and historian (Edson) worked in tandem. Mena would discuss different leadership styles and theories about having limiting beliefs. Then Edson would introduce figures like Elijah Muhammad and Frederick Douglass.

“Most people didn’t know who these were. But by the end, we knew about their leadership styles and got to think about which we liked.

A very welcoming environment

“After an hour of coaching, you’d go to workshops where you were given a chance to speak – it was a very welcoming environment.

“It’s amazing. To have people who are pioneers in their industries come in and be available to chat. It gave me the feeling that there are other people in the real world who have your best interests at heart.

“For me, Equity has involved learning about myself and what I’m capable of. And also, meeting role models: meeting people who inspire you to go and do the same yourself.”

Equity student programme

Equity is a forward-looking community of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student talent from all over UWE Bristol. It's part of our commitment towards empowering BAME students to go on to great things after graduation.

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