Tom Savagar sat in a classroom

Tom Savagar - BA(Hons) Primary Education ITE

Tom had heard good things about the teaching programmes at UWE Bristol and the course closely matched his idea of what education should be about.

“I was working as a teaching assistant in Bristol, something I fell into by chance after a stint doing support work. I enjoyed being part of the learning process and seeing how pupils responded to different input, often in quite profound ways. It was then that I fell in love with the profession and began to pursue avenues to get qualified and become a teacher myself.

"A few friends had studied education courses at UWE Bristol and spoken highly of them. I also liked what I read about the priorities of the three-year primary education degree. That encouraging children to read for pleasure was an important focus, as well as bringing our own personalities into the way we teach. Those ideas tied in closely with what I felt education should be like.

"When I embarked on the course, I was particularly impressed by the lecturers and how engaged they were in their subjects. You could tell they cared about us succeeding and about the quality of education in general"

"The placements were really good. We got a balanced insight into different types of school, from ones in more deprived areas, to schools were SATs were more of a focus. That was great for understanding what to expect when it came to looking for work.

"I got a job at the first place I went for an interview at, and now teach at primary level in North Bristol. It’s tough sometimes but my first year has been very positive. I’m enjoying seeing how my practice develops, and taking what I learnt on the course and applying it in different contexts in the classroom.

"The biggest positive for me was the passion of the people teaching us. I always felt they cared about us succeeding, and that’s still the case now. I still hear from my tutors when it’s report time or parents’ evening – they touch base to see how I’m getting on.

"As a newly-qualified teacher, it’s reassuring to have that contact with people who are experts in their field, who genuinely care about how I’m doing and want me to do a good job.”

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