Tom - English

Intern at UWE Bristol, Green Capital/Education for Sustainability.

Tom explains how his internship helped him to develop his research, writing and interviewing skills:

“I worked alongside UWE Bristol’s Faculty of Environment and Technology in an internship for Bristol European Green Capital 2015. This was to help capture UWE Bristol’s Green Capital engagement and involved researching all the events related to Green Capital throughout the year."

“Our main project was to create a catalogue of events that would both celebrate UWE Bristol’s efforts while informing the higher education systems of future European Green Capitals."

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to combine my English skills with my interest in Bristol and sustainability.”

“I’ve worked closely with experts like Georgie Gough (Senior Lecturer in Education for Sustainable Development), who has educated me immensely on the topic. And I’ve seen how people from all areas of the university have contributed to the year."

“The people I worked with made this role so great. Georgie and James Longhurst (Professor of Environmental Science), took me to loads of events, and gave me loads of encouragement and advice. The experience has shown me what it’s like to work in an office, focusing on a specific area of expertise, and it’s given me the opportunity to develop my research, writing and interviewing skills.”

Tom’s advice

“Embrace the atmosphere you’re in – approach your tasks with enthusiasm and be willing to learn more and more about your area of work. Always enjoy your experience and use the opportunity to gain contacts and develop your skills.”

Bristol Green Capital

Bristol was the first UK city to win the prestigious award of European Green Capital for the year 2015. Find out about UWE Bristol's involvement in Bristol Green Capital.

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