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Tessa Urlwin - Journalism and Public Relations

Tessa's practical training from her BA(Hons) Journalism and Public Relations course has equipped her with the skills she needs to succeed as a Marketing and PR Coordinator.

"I’d worked in admin for about ten years when I decided to go back to university. It was while assisting the Head of Communications in a previous job that I realised I wanted to get into a similar career.

"I chose UWE Bristol’s Journalism and Public Relations course for its practical nature. Our PR assignments were based on real companies, and when I’m working on a task now, I can often relate it directly back to something we did at university.

Hands-on experience

"There was plenty of hands-on experience with technology, and I’ve found my knowledge of cameras has been particularly helpful. In my current job, we do a lot of filming and photoshoots, so simple things like understanding lighting and knowing how to frame up shots can make a big difference.

"One of the most useful aspects of this course was the time we spent learning about and discussing search engine optimisation (SEO). In this day and age, when crafting content, it is imperative to have a working knowledge of SEO and I found this background knowledge was a real springboard to entering the world of work.

"With PR it’s about who you know, not just what you know. At UWE Bristol we had the opportunity to interact with several high-level PR influencers. My lecturer introduced me to a fantastic woman who runs her own PR agency. She’s a great person to know in the industry and I still catch up with her every now and then.

Advanced knowledge in my pocket

"I now work as a Marketing and PR Coordinator for a company called Ultrahaptics in Bristol. The company created a technology that uses ultrasound to let you feel the sensation of touch in mid-air. It’s an exciting role - we’re the only company in the world to use this technology, and we’re growing fast. My tasks include managing our social media, drafting press releases and award entries, monitoring press enquiries and mentions, and attending networking events and conferences.

"In the final year of our course we studied areas that would become relevant further down the road in our careers. It’s reassuring for me to know that I have that advanced knowledge in my back pocket, and as I go forward in my career I know I’ll be able to refer back to it. I’m not so scared of making that next step."

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