Tarja - UWE Bristol student from Sri Lanka

Tarja - Sri Lanka

Studied: MA Art, Media and Design by project

Coming to UWE Bristol

Having completed the final year of her undergraduate studies in fashion and textile design in the UK, Tarja chose UWE Bristol for her postgraduate studies. The structure of the MA Art, Media and Design by project course suited her area and she was fascinated by its flexibility and the excellent textile and print making facilities at UWE Bristol’s Bower Ashton studios.

Competitive ballroom dancing

The other reason Tarja chose Bristol was the opportunity to further her career in competitive ballroom dancing. She joined a dance group and enjoyed the experience.

“I can say now that I made the right choice: studying at UWE Bristol has been an exciting and wonderful experience” she says.

Bristol: a vibrant and creative city

Bristol as a whole is a beautiful and artistic city. There is always a lot to do here and when I’m not studying or at dancing practice, I go to the gym, visit museums or walk around Bristol, go shopping, go out clubbing or eat out with friends. I’d say the best experience I have had so far is the visit we made to the Arnolfini. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition; it was truly inspirational.

“As a designer I really appreciate the graffiti and art work you see around Bristol. I find the area an inspirational place to live. On the other hand, the city centre has all the best shopping outlets a girl could ever need... I feel truly fulfilled!”

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