Siddique Khan - UWE Bristol graduate

Law graduate Siddique helped get Equity up and running.

“I realised there weren’t any role models from my background so I spoke to Zainab to see what we could do about this.”

Supported by Equity

“Equity didn’t just give us skills, it illuminated a pathway for us to follow after leaving university. I want to run my own business, so the workshops were really useful.”

And after meeting a sports agent at one of the events, he took the opportunity to break into this profession: “The networking side of Equity was massive for me. There were lots of different people from different careers.

"I got loads of contacts – people who were there gave me their number. Then they passed on their contacts. So my network has really grown organically. I’ve been in touch with these and had several interviews.”

Unsurprisingly, Siddique got a handful of job offers shortly after graduating, including one for a London sports agency. Now, he’s considering his options while he takes a few months off travelling.

About the Equity student programme

Equity is a forward-looking community of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student talent from all over UWE Bristol. It's part of our commitment towards empowering BAME students to go on to great things after graduation.

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