Milliscent Nnwoka presenting the news in a studio

Milliscent - Journalism

Studied: MA Journalism.

Milliscent Nnwoka is a broadcast journalist at an award-winning news and media channel.

A career in broadcast journalism

When she finished her Journalism course at UWE Bristol, Milliscent launched into a career at Channels Television based in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Right after wrapping up my studies I was straight in to the game and practicing all that I have been taught by great lecturers at UWE Bristol. I am happy that I’m putting all my skills that I have learnt at the University to use."

"I started by reading Newstrack, a 30-minute bulletin in the morning or afternoon, but within a few months I was presenting the News at Ten, one of the channel's flagship shows. The news days at UWE Bristol really helped me to fit almost immediately to my tasks at Channels Television.

I now also host a show called Network Africa, where I have the opportunity to interview leading journalists and experts on some of the continent’s most important issues.”

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