Michael - Games Technology

Succeeding in a highly competitive industry

When Michael was searching for a course, it was the course syllabus and facilities that attracted him to UWE Bristol. While studying here, he made the most of the additional opportunities that came his way - and his extra efforts helped him stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs in a highly competitive field.

“The BSc(Hons) Games Technology course taught the industry standard programming language (C++) that I was determined to take away from studying. After that both the games tech lab and the student village were the convincing factors.

“The course provided me with a lot of skills that I use on a day to day basis. First and foremost, programming skills. Most games' core architecture is built in C++ which I learned to program in at UWE Bristol. It is very much an industry standard. I also value the skills I picked up in the various group assessed modules. Collaboration is a big part of working in a games company and I feel the course helped prepare me for this.”

Industry-relevant opportunities

My current job title is Senior Mission Designer. I'm a member of the Design department at Rockstar North and I'm responsible for designing and programming missions for our various open world titles, primarily in the Grand Theft Auto series.”

“I wouldn't have been able to get this job without my degree from UWE Bristol. It has been a key part of getting myself noticed in the sea of applicants that apply for jobs in the games industry. The additional opportunities afforded me at UWE Bristol, such as the PAL programme or the Search for a Star competition that UWE Bristol enters have been accolades on my CV that vastly increased my chances. To employers it shows your drive to go above and beyond. Being a PAL leader helped me understand C++ better, as in order to help others I had to know my stuff inside out too. This worked to strengthen my technical knowledge which is often tested to its limit in industry.”

"I now have a Senior role within the team, something that I feel has come from not only the technical skills I obtained at UWE Bristol but also from the enthusiasm and drive I picked up from the teaching staff."

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