Mark - representing UWE Bristol’s undergraduate research

Studied: BSc(Hons) Mathematics.

In March 2016, Mathematics student Mark Graham presented his research at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR). With a taste for research, and experience in attending a conference, he decided to undertake a PhD.

With 19 students attending the weekend-long conference, UWE Bristol were one of the most represented universities at the event.

Mathematics student, Mark Graham presented his work at the event:

“It gave me an opportunity to build upon the presentation skills that I gained as a PAL Leader, and to present my research to a public audience."

"I also enjoyed watching other presentations from other delegates, the poster sessions, as well as speaking to other delegates at both the conference dinner and the reception with the Mayor of Manchester.”

Now Mark is undertaking a PhD at the University of Bristol through a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), where his research theme is Communication.

Mark’s research is focusing on Error Correcting Codes, where transmissions are encoded as they are sent in order to improve the transmission’s reliability. This has multiple potential applications, including for driverless cars. In addition to his research, Mark enjoys the teaching aspect of the PhD, he is currently teaching algebra to Computer Science students.

Looking to the future, Mark is hoping to stay in academia, finding the mix of impactful research and teaching rewarding.

Mark says “Maths is a great subject that everything relies on and with applications everywhere. It has good career prospects, such as employment in finance, or enables a more academic route.

A PhD will prepare you with the skills you need for life. You become a real expert in your area, and your research can have real impact.”

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