Larry - Banking and Finance student at UWE Bristol

Larry - Banking and Finance

An education limited to a lecture hall? That wasn’t for Larry.

Choosing where you want to spend the next three years of your life – or longer – isn’t easy. So you need an opinion you can trust. Having studied for a BA(Hons) in Banking and Finance, Larry now has a career that pushes him everyday. And he’s ready to meet those challenges head on.

 “I chose UWE Bristol because the course covered many different aspects of finance. It wasn’t limited to theories that would be out-dated when applied in the real world. It also included the option of a year abroad or a 40-week industrial placement – just the practical experience I was looking for.

I did a placement in my third year, which helped me to connect the dots between studying and working. I believe it gave me an advantage after university. I knew what to expect within the industry. I also made good use of the career services at UWE Bristol. Thanks to their personalised advice, I felt better prepared when opportunities presented themselves.

Everyone wants the ‘student experience’ – one that you’ll remember forever. That’s why it’s important that the university you choose has spaces for students to meet and collaborate. UWE Bristol has the Centre for Sport and Students’ Union at UWE. I played five-aside and became a student rep for my course – both great ways to meet people.

And Bristol is such a vibrant city to study in – there’s a carnival every summer. I miss my first year of university the most. It’s a feeling I’ll never get back! It was great to meet so many people from different walks of life. We still keep in touch today. If I could, I’d do it all again.”

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