Keren - Politics and International Relations

Studied: BA(Hons) International Relations (now BA(Hons) Politics and International Relations).

What do you like about your course?

My course allows me to read further into topics that I was already interested in before coming to UWE Bristol, such as analysing and debating issues concerning underdevelopment in the world.

The course has given me a much greater insight and allowed me to speak confidently about my opinions on the subject. I like the fact my teachers are very passionate about the subjects they teach, it gives us, the students, a boost and makes the topics far more interesting.

What's it like to be a student at UWE Bristol?

I love being a student at UWE Bristol. The lecturers are easy to get on with and treat you like an adult, which is nice after coming from a school environment. The friendships I have made here has been my university highlight, I have become friends with people from all over the world and all different backgrounds, something that I never would have experienced had I not come here.

The social scene is also brilliant, such a wide range of events, festivals, bars and clubs to go to, no matter what your taste.

What are the advantages of studying your subject in Bristol?

Bristol is a fantastic city for this course, being a multi-cultural, student-based city means there are people here from all over the world, for example my tutors from the last three years have been from China, America, El Salvador and Sierra Leone.

The city also holds debates in many different locations, many of which relate to my course. From a non-academic point of view I will have great memories of spending days in the many parks, walking round the harbour and enjoying all the city's independent little shops, restaurants and bars.

What skills are you gaining from your course?

When I came to UWE Bristol, I thought I knew how to write a good essay, turns out I was nowhere near as good as I thought! However, my tutors and the resources available have allowed me to develop into a confident writer; I even enjoy doing the copious amounts of research needed for a good essay!

How does the course prepare you for your postgraduate career?

The course has allowed me to build up a good portfolio of work that reflects my interests and shows my dedication to the work, I think this looks good to an employer. Also, I have been able to get good references from respected tutors.

I had an interview recently with the head of a very high profile organisation, without the knowledge I have gained from my time at UWE Bristol I would never had been able to make such a decent impression on him.

What's your favourite thing about Bristol?

I really love the atmosphere here and the fact there is something for everyone. If you love off the wall art and like to live the bohemian lifestyle then Stokes Croft is fantastic, Clifton provides you with all the fancy deli's and boutiques you could wish for and there is always a cool night on somewhere with live music and fun loving people.

What extra-curricular opportunities are you involved in?

I am a member of Amnesty International, although I do not have to time to actively go on the streets and campaign, I do try to read the newsletters they send me and respond to any petitions or cases that interest me. Although it's not a society or group, there are many opportunities in everyday life in Bristol to support local businesses and ethical initiatives (farmers markets, independent non-profit cafes, arts and crafts events, etc).

What is the main selling point of this course for future students?

I would say it is the support we get from our tutors. It feels like they really want us to do well and help and encourage us all the time to be better and challenge our own opinions.

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