Josh - Product Design

Turning waste plastic into practical homewares

For his final year project on the BA(Hons) Product Design course, Josh looked at the issue of plastic waste, and created a product that turns plastic bottles into functional household items. His product, called Melt, is a toolkit that has turned heads and earned him a prestigious industry award.

Melt is an easy-to-use kit made up of tools including moulds, a file and a welding station, which can be used to turn HDPE plastic into objects by cutting it into pieces and melting it in the oven. Once softened into a malleable mass which acts as a base material, it can then be hand-crafted into colourful bespoke items.

“Reusing plastic isn't a new concept – people have been doing it for a long time, but I wanted to give anyone access to it. Previously, no one has had easy access to this free material. I wanted to scale it down and make it more manageable for everyday use.”

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